Netflix FREE Subscription

Netflix FREE Subscription: Various Mediums and Steps to Get Free ID

Netflix is a US-based entertainment company that launched in 1997.  Netflix allows viewers to enjoy online movies and shows of their personal choice. Viewer only have to pay for its paid subscriptions to enjoy their favorite content there. However, not all individuals cannot afford to get paid subscriptions. Hence, we have shared a few mediums to get a Netflix FREE Subscription or ID and password to watch everything free.

Mediums to Get Netflix FREE Subscription/ID

Netflix FREE Subscription

Medium 1-Subscription to T-Mobile

Deutsche Telekom AG has its subsidiary for mobile communications, which refers to T-Mobile. Netflix offers free, basic, premium, standard, or basic plan according to your selected T-Mobile subscriptions and plans. In simple words, a T-Mobile subscription is the first and the easiest way to get a free Netflix subscription and watch your favorite shows there.

Medium 2-Xfinity Subscription

Xfinity is a Telecom company that promotes consumer cable TV, wireless services, internet and telephone services, and similar others. At present, it offers a Netflix-free subscription plan according to your purchased Xfinity package.

Medium 3-Jio and Airtel Users

If you are a user of Jio or Airtel SIM, you may get a free Netflix plan with your existing mobile recharge or internet recharge. For instance, Airtel Users should get a post-paid plan of a minimum of Rs 499 to get a Netflix FREE Subscription via Airtel Thanks.

Medium 4-Netflix Free Trial Subscription

Every individual may get a free subscription for a maximum of 2 months via Netflix Free Trial Subscription. For this, users should share their Netflix account with their family members and friends. Netflix offers 5 user screens for a single account. Hence, you may share your account with up to 4 friends to reduce your monthly or yearly Netflix plan.

Steps to Get Netflix Free Subscription via T-Mobile

T-Mobile has recently signed its deal with the online streaming giant Netflix to offer free content to a few selected customers. If you want to be among the selected customers, follow the steps mentioned here-

Netflix FREE Subscription

  1. Register for a suitable T-Mobile One plan.
  2. Never select a prepaid plan or zero credit check plan.
  3. Include a minimum of one additional line in your existing T-Mobile One plan. You should keep in mind that theNetflix FREE Subscriptionis available for only those users who have at least two lines.
  4. Select the addon Netflix on Us.
  5. Let T-Mobile confirm your request and follow the necessary instructions.

Free Netflix Account in Kenya

Netflix FREE Subscription

Netflix is now offering a free subscription plan to its users in Kenya if they have Android devices. In this situation, Kenyan citizens require a new and valid email ID with the latest-modeled Android phone. What would be more exciting than getting an ad-free yet personalized Netflix experience while traveling to Kenya?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Netflix FREE Subscription?

No, Netflix does not provide any lifetime free trial. However, you may get a Netflix free account via your mobile recharge, T-Mobile, or Netflix trial pack.

How many Netflix free account may I have?

Netflix users may create profiles for their household members. Doing so will let them avail personalized Netflix experience. A user’s account may possess a maximum of five separate profiles.

Which country offers a free subscription to Netflix?

Netflix has recently started offering a free subscription related to its mobile plan in Kenya.


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