why is my cat acting weird
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Why Is My Cat Acting Weird? The Know-Hows Of All Anxious Pet Parents!

If you have a cat, you may have noticed it acting weirdly sometimes. There are ways to do that because generally, cats are a lot more different than other pets. Cats are more prone to curiosity and discovering new things. But there are some behaviors and reactions that you need to notice closely as they might alarm you something about your cat. Cats are quite sensitive and mostly unexpressive so you might want to hover over their heads to check out what’s bothering them. Cats are naturally moody but if it increases then it might be an alarming sign. In this article, we’ll look into the signs to rectify why your cat is acting weird. So without blabbering further let’s get started with the article.

why is my cat acting weird

Signs why your cat is acting weird 

Discovering the root of the problem can help you find a quick solution and help your tiny friend to heal from what they are going through. There are plenty of reasons why your cat might act in an unusual way and also different reasons. We’ll discuss those ones by one.

1. Your cat might be stressed

The first and foremost reason why your cat is acting or behaving weirdly is it is stressed! Cats are quite disciplined and they like to run through a particular pattern each day. The slightest changes in the environment or their surroundings can trigger their senses. Some of the factors can be that you shifted your cat to a new environment, or you introduced them to a new family member, and also can be a lack of appetite. You can easily control this by caressing and staying by your cat often. Play with them to release their stress.

2. You recently vaccinated your cat

This reason is also considerable and can be a reason why your cat is acting weirdly. After vaccination cats tend to act in a gloomy way and mostly get endorsed in sleeping the whole day or they shut down completely. If you notice these behaviors then don’t panic. The whole process of getting decked and visiting the clinic, leaving the house, and also getting vaccinated makes them stressed. Although if your cat continues with this behavior even after 24 hours, then you should consider visiting your vet again along with your cat.

3. Your cat is depressed

Another possible reason could be that your cat is depressed. This is a reason that most people overlook but you should actually consider this reason as well. If your cat is sleeping more than usual or is not engaging to play with you, it can be a possible sign that your cat is depressed. Generally, it goes away if you give them proper attention. There can be a lot of reasons for this occurring depression and some reasons are –  you are not giving your pet enough time or you are leaving them alone for prolonged hours.

4. Your cat might feel threatened

If you let your cat go outside to get some fresh air or to play, then there can be some reason why your cat is acting weirdly. If there’s a dog or any other cat that often visits your house then chances are that your cat is feeling unsafe. Mostly around this behavior, they tend to hide somewhere or they refuse to come out from their shell. Always keep a good check so that your cat feels more safe. Assure them that you are always there.

5. Your cat might feel sick

This reason is again something that you need to consider and check for them. Cats are generally inexpressive in nature and they often hide what they are feeling. If you feel like your cat lost appetite or is sleeping way too much then you should consider getting your cat checked. There are many diseases that might actually make the condition even worst.

6. Your surrounding is noisy

Most people don’t know this but cats are extremely sensitive to loud noises and they absolutely hate that. Cats have excellent hearing ability and that makes them hear the slightest of noise that comes from far away. Their extensive hearing makes it uncomfortable for them to even adjust to noisy backgrounds. Music or anything Noise of hammering, drilling, or anything that’s loud can affect your cat, resulting in them behaving differently.

7. Your cat got scared

There’s a word “scaredy cat” and now you know where it came from. Cats can generally get scared to someone or a particular thing which can make them conscious. Make sure you don’t scare your cat intentionally and also don’t let them get scared. The main reason can be someone new who picked your cat up and touched the cat. Don’t force your cat to do something unless they want to.

8. You adopted a new member

Another reason might be that you recently adopted another kitty. This reason is obvious as cats are possessive and clingy in nature. They don’t like to share their part of attention with other cats. You need to consider giving the same attention to both cats. Don’t let one feel abandoned. Cats can feel like they are getting ignored. If you are feeding stray cats, make sure you do it behind your cat as they might get triggered unnecessarily. If you are opting for other pets, then introduce them slowly and steadily.

These are some of the signs or reasons why your cat is acting weirdly. Consider noting these down for further information. Notice each and every behavior of your cat as that will give you sign as to why your cat is acting weird.

9. Buggy affair

Most times your cat can react in a certain way or get obnoxious if they have fleas sticking around. Cats like to keep themselves clean and tidy most of the time, so fleas might bother them. They get sensitive to their bites or the itch that comes lingering. You need to contact your vet for a medicine that helps in killing the fleas and apply ointments to treat the affected areas.

10. Getting old

Just like humans, cats get old rapidly and that might result in a huge change in them. They might respond to you late or can lose their energy. Sometimes their vision gets disturbed as well. This can be another reason why your cat is acting weirdly.

why is my cat acting weird

Cat behaviors and what do they refer to?

1. Biscuit making

You might have noticed your cat pressing its paw into you which generally looks like kneading dough, that means your cat is acting like a kitty. This is mostly done by kitties. This is something they did to their mother’s mammary glands to get enough milk. If your grown cat is doing this, it generally means that your cat is happy or is releasing stress to calm down.

2. Kills and bring them to you

Generally, cats do kill small creatures as it reveals their hunting nature. But when they come up with the intention of showing them to you, it generally means your cat is considering you as one of them and sharing their success with you. That’s definitely gross for us but not for them.

3. Bunting or rubbing their heads

Kitties or cats are quite clingy and have their own way of showing their affection towards you. That’s their way of showing ownership towards you and honestly nothing as cute as this. Caress them and play with them to acknowledge their effort and appreciate them as well. Remember cats are quite sensitive, so if you don’t respond to them accordingly, they might feel abandoned.

why is my cat acting weird

Conclusive Insights

Cats are cute and extremely fragile. You should always treat them with much care and pay attention to the details. Your cat will love you for that. Though cats express themselves in a different way, you need to understand their needs and efforts as well. Hopefully, this article about why is my cat acting weird was relevant and informative. Drop down your valuable thoughts below.

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