What is interpersonal communication in the workplace? 3 keys to improve it, according to Sunday Marketplace.

After a long period in which we couldn’t interact one-on-one, we partially forgot how to relate effectively in different areas of our lives, one of which is the workplace.

Communication is essential when working in a group, as it allows us to create a good environment in which other members feel safe to express their ideas and concerns, ultimately helping to achieve better results in the company because several individuals can work efficiently.

Therefore, it is essential to learn how to develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, as well as learn how to identify how other members of our team express themselves to empathize with them.

Several factors must be considered when applying interpersonal communication skills in the workplace, and at Sunday Marketplace, we have compiled the fundamental ones:

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is our main tool for achieving self-management of our emotions. By consciously developing our understanding of our own feelings, we will not be overwhelmed by any work problem. It will be easier for us to provide effective solutions to a problem with a project or even with another colleague at work.


Empathy is another fundamental pillar for being an exemplary member of a work team. It helps to maintain a relaxed work environment when you consider your colleagues’ feelings. Similarly, you become more observant when identifying their skills, where you can assign them to specific tasks where they can be more productive.

Ultimately, improving your results with the company and your work relationship, remember that it is important to maintain good camaraderie with your colleagues as you spend at least 8 hours a day with them.


In the work environment, another soft skill that is considered a key element is knowing how to receive feedback and also give it. Its objective is to change or improve aspects of a colleague’s way of working, always in a positive way and highlighting those things that were already being done well. By doing so effectively, you can get better results in what you are working on together. It is equally essential to know how to receive this feedback so that you can improve your performance in the tasks assigned to you.

In conclusion, at Sunday Marketplace, we provide you with these tips to consciously improve your interpersonal communication. Remember that with the right words and active listening, you can create positive and satisfying relationships aimed at improving team performance. Don’t forget to use H1 and H2 if necessary to make the text more readable and natural.

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