Getting engaged? Only in Malta

Engagement is a special moment in every couple’s life. That is why many people are happy to find the most romantic places, often secluded, where you can count on almost complete privacy and contact with nature. These places are also suitable for a walk in the sunset or a photo session that will forever commemorate the time of the engagement. Such a place is charming Malta, specifically its corners, such as the observation point at Rax II Wahx. You can also find good jewellery stores there, because beautiful jewellery is a great setting for every engagement!

Getting engaged? Only in Malta

In Malta, it is difficult to find a beautiful place that will not be overrun by tourists. Especially when the sun goes down and the view is breathtaking. However, the observation point at Rax II Wahx (Rock Cut) is not particularly popular, so you can count on privacy there – so important when you want to ask this most important person in your life such an important question. What about after hearing the famous “yes”? How about a walk over the cliff, which is an extraordinary experience? And all this is due to the fact that Rock Cut is located away from towns and there are no popular tourist attractions, which allows you to enjoy the closeness of nature and your beloved. And during the engagement, you can’t dream of anything else!

Other places to get engaged in Malta

When it’s cold and wet outside, it’s worth going to the south of Europe – for example, for a walk on the cliffs of Malta and for a beautiful engagement. Getting engaged in Malta is a great idea, as long as you find the perfect place. And this is, for example, the north-western side of the island in the Golden Bay Beach. Many couples decide to spend extraordinary moments there, because there is a beautiful view of the bay and beach from the cliffs. And the whole thing is drowning in the rays of the setting sun in the evening, which is unusual and stays in your memory for a long time. Could there be a more romantic place to get engaged? After the engagement, you can go to a nearby town to spend the rest of the evening at dinner.

A beautiful venue for an engagement in Malta with music

Other engagement venues in Malta include is a gardens at the San Anton Palace in Attard. These are beautiful gardens full of plants and fountains, where you can easily find a romantic setting. It is worth ordering romantic music for this time. In this way, the moment of engagement will be remembered for many years – you will tell your children and grandchildren about it.

How about the town of Mdina? It is a medieval town that is known for being very peaceful and virtually traffic free. It has narrow streets, which gives it an unusual atmosphere after dark. Yet another recommended place in Malta are Upper Barrakka Gardens – just right for people who like nightlife. But the gardens in Valletta are quite popular with people in love, so there is always the fear that there will be another couple in love who are getting engaged.

Jewellery shops in Malta

If you’re in Malta and looking for a special gift for your loved one, you might want to visit a local jewelry online shop like mon éclat. Their selection of jewelry showcases Malta’s rich artistic heritage. Purchasing jewelry from a Malta jewelry shop is a romantic and thoughtful way to show your affection and appreciation for your loved one.

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