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Must Watch Mandy Moore Movies And TV Shows

Mandy Moore, whose real name is Amanda Leigh Moore, is a well-known American singer, actress, and composer. She became well-known for her debut single, “Candy,” which peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. The American artist was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 10, 1984. Since 1999, she has performed as a teen pop singer and has been able to dispel all stereotypes about her abilities. The films and television shows starring Mandy Moore provide as evidence of her talent as a brilliant artist.

Here is a list of Mandy Moore movies and TV shows that you cannot afford to miss if you are a devoted admirer of the actress. To learn more about them, continue reading.

Mandy Moore Movies And TV Shows That You Cannot Miss

1] A Walk To Remember

The movie A Walk To Remember released in 2002, is based on the 1999 novel A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. Moore played the character of Jamie Sullivan, who is an innocent and demure girl. The character of Moore suffered from Leukemia and hadn’t been showing any response to the treatments. Moore was only 17 years old when she did the movie and was loved for her portrayal of Jamie who was stricken up in an unlikely friendship and romance with Landon Carter. It is one of the most beautiful Mandy Moore movies and TV shows that gave her global recognition.

2] The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries came out in 2001 as a coming-of-age comedy film that was loosely based on Meg Cabot’s 2000 young adult novel of the same name. This movie stars Anne Hathway as the main lead and Mandy Moore plays her online nemesis. This was Moore’s first big role on the silver screen and first time working with Garry Marshall. She was only 16 at the time of release and did phenomenal acting along with such big names. Moore shocked everyone as Lana Thomas by playing a school bully and made her character one of the most hated ones in the movie. It is difficult to believe that it was Mandy Moore by seeing her effortless acting prowess. She describes it as pivotal and seminal in her life.

3] Midway

Released in 2019, Midway is a war film about the Battle of Midway. It is set during World War 2 in 1937 in Tokyo. Mandy Moore played a civilian in the movie as Mrs. Anne Best, Dick Best’s wife. Even though for a short period, Moore created a great impact in the movie by her presence. This multi-starred big budget is a must-watch if you are a fan of Mandy Moore movies and TV shows.

4] Chasing Liberty

Chasing Liberty, a 2004, comedy film stars Mandy Moore as Anne Foster. Foster is the only child of the president; the bright and beautiful Anne wants some privacy in her life. She is frustrated with agents following her everywhere, whose every little detail and movement is monitored by the media, and secret services. Chasing Liberty is about the yearning of an 18-year-old girl who wants to live life on her terms without being interfered with and under constant vigilance. The movie further revolves around where Anne meets Ben Calder, with whom she shares a romantic relationship. Even though she has a secret to unveil to Ben, he too has his own. Moore as Anne Foster looks convincing and fits into the character well.

5] Saved

Saved is an American satirical comedy, released in 2004, starring Jena Malone, Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Eva Amurri, Martin Donovan, and Mary-Louise along with Mandy Moore. Moore plays Hillary Faye who is an extremely devout conservative Christian but very overbearing and self-righteous. She plays an amazing role in portraying some of the hypocrisies in religions besides touching on different aspects of the subject of religion. The movie is an entertaining as well as informative one. It takes a sassy and comic approach toward overthrowing mainstream Christian values and ending it with a political message. A must-watch among Mandy Moore movies and TV shows that leaves a message to ponder upon.

6] This Is Us

The first episode of This Is Us was aired in September 2016 which is an American family drama TV series. Mandy Moore plays the character of Rebecca Pearson, who is Jack’s and Miguel’s wife and biological mother to Kate and Kevin while adoptive mother to Randall. This movie showcases the different aspects of a relationship that it goes through and gives the audience the desired emotional quick that leaves you feeling warm. It is about different families struggling with different issues in their lives but goes on with great enthusiasm and grit. It is a must watch if you are looking for some family drama. Mandy Moore’s role as Rebecca is one of the most important characters in the series cannot be missed.


Transitioning from a teenage pop star to being celebrated on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for her 25 years in the industry, Mandy Moore has been a part of a humbling journey. Moore enjoys global popularity and tremendous success with her works of music and acting. Even though diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenic purpura, she keeps her spirits high and has a vivid personality. The recipient of numerous awards like the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, and nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress Mandy Moore has come a long way. It would be an injustice to her acting craft to miss out on Mandy Moore movies and TV shows. So, what are waiting for? Binge on your favorite shows and movies of Moore!


1] When was Mandy Moore born?

Mandy Moore was born on April 10, 1984, in New Hampshire, The United States of America.

2] Is Mandy Moore married?

Mandy Moore has been married to Taylor Goldsmith since 2018. She broke off her previous marriage in 2016 with Ryan Adams.

3] What are some popular movies of Mandy Moore?

A Walk To Remember, Chasing Liberty, The Princess Diary, and This Is Us are some of the most Mandy Moore movies and TV shows.

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