Melissa Rivers Net Worth
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Melissa Rivers Net Worth: Know All About Her Earnings

Melissa Rivers has built her own unique route to success in the glittering world of Hollywood. Comedy was literally in her DNA as the daughter of the renowned Joan Rivers. This name and fame from Hollywood movies not only give her identity but also strengthen her financially. Do you want to know Melissa Rivers’s net worth, then you are at the right place. This article will take you on a journey of her career, ventures, net worth, sources of income, and many more.

How much is Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers is a versatile personality with a net worth of about $100 million. Her wealth is a reflection of her diverse profession, which includes presenting, producing, acting, and fashion business. Melissa’s path into the entertainment world was marked by determination, as she carried the legacy of her iconic mother, Joan Rivers. Melissa’s contributions to television have been significant, ranging from her work as executive producer of “Fashion Police” to her popular red carpet presentation. She is a genuine Hollywood insider, who continues to grow her financial empire, in memory of her mother’s history while shaping her own.

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

FULL NAME Melissa Warburg Rosenberg
DATE OF BIRTH January 20, 1968
PROFESSION American actress & host
Net worth(2023) $100 Million
BIRTHPLACE Manhattan, New York, United States
AGE 55 years old

Early life and educational background

Melissa Rivers was the only child of actress and comedian Joan Rivers and film and television producer, Edgar Rosenberg. She grew up in Los Angeles where she did her schooling at John Thomas Dye School, Marlborough School, and Buckley School. She continued her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. Her father committed suicide when she was in 2nd year of college.

A Career that helped to build Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa River started her amazing career in the TV shows “Beverley Hill”, “silk stalking” and “The Comeback” in the 1990s. She has also shared a screen with her mother on a celebrity docudrama “Tears and Laughter”. She also worked as an interviewer on the red carpet in the early 1990s. Later, she also worked as a host for E! Network. In addition to their Film and TV background, she is also an animal rights advocate and a supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She also has raised money for charities through many TV shows.

Actual Figure of Melissa Rivers net worth in 2023 

In 2023, the net worth of American actress and host Melissa Rivers is estimated to be around $100 million. There is no doubt that this is such a huge amount.

Sources of income of Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers generates her income from various sources. Entertainment industry plays the main role in building her million dollar income. She worked as a host, actor, producer, comedian, etc. In addition to all these, she earned some part of her income from additional sources including her fashions and jewelry lines  “The Melissa Rivers collection” as well as authoring books.  Some sort of Smart investments of Melissa Rivers in real estate also play a pivotal role in generating Melissa Rivers net worth.

Melissa Rivers investments in Real estate

In 1998, Melissa paid $2.35 million for a home in LA’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood. She sold the home in July 2019 for $5.223 million after listing it about a year earlier for $6.2 million. In July 2015 Melissa oversaw the sale of her mother’s longtime New York City penthouse for $28 million.                                    

In March 2016 Melissa paid $11 million for a home in Santa Monica, California. She sold this home in March 2021 for $15.5 million. A few weeks after her Santa Monica sale, Melissa paid $7.8 million for a new home in nearby Pacific Palisades.

Personal life of Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa married horse trainer John Endicott in December 1988. Their wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York City cost an estimated $3 million. They share a son, Edgar Cooper Endicott, who was born in 2000. The couple divorced in 2003. From 2008 to 2011, Melissa was in a relationship with sports coach Jason Zimmerman, and after that she has dated talent agent Mark Rousso from 2015 to 2021. 


Melissa Rivers is the only heir of her mom, Joan Rivers. Joan’s multi-million dollar estate has been inherited by her daughter Melissa Rivers. According to the report of US weakly, the 46-year-old is going to inherit $75 million in cash as well as her mother’s $35 million New York apartment.

Involvement of Melissa Rivers in controversies

During her career journey, she has faced some sort of controversies which is just a normal issue for such a big celebrity. The most notable controversy was the showing of a rupture in the relationship between mother and daughter by a news headline of public disagreement between her with her mother. The hosting of the show “fashion police” by Melissa also involved her in controversies surrounding show comments. Still, Melissa emerged out as a respectful personality in Hollywood industries. Her fame is high in this industry which indirectly helps to build Melissa Rivers’s net worth.

How Melissa Rivers net worth improved

Melissa Rivers net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $100 million. However interesting part is that this figure of net worth can fluctuate due to many reasons such as investments, career development, and endorsements. Her involvement in various activities like TV show hosting, entertainment, and comedy is the biggest factor for her to improve her net worth. Inheritance of her mother’s property has been an indirect reason for her to improve her net worth.


1. What is Melissa Rivers net worth?                                                                                  

Melissa Rivers net worth is around $100 millions.

2. What does Melissa Rivers do for a living now?

She is a TV producer, Red carpet fashion Expert, New York time best-selling author, and host also.                                                                   


Melissa Rivers has made her own path in the world of Hollywood glitz and glamour. Melissa’s life and work history reflect her incredible strength and solid commitment. Melissa Rivers was destined to boom in the spotlight as the daughter of the legendary Joan Rivers. Melissa achieved her spot in the profession by a combination of talent, charisma, and pure hard work. Her million-dollar net worth is just a number, she has achieved more than that.

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