How Did Cardi B Make Her Wealth – Cardi B’s Net Worth

Cardi B is one of the world’s most popular rappers and social media influencers. Born to parents Belcalis Almanzar and Luisito Brooks on October 11, 1992, Cardi B’s original name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. Cardi B grew up with her mother and three sisters in a poor neighborhood in a two-bedroom apartment. Cardi B’s net worth while writing this content stands at $40 million.

Cardi B’s early life was filled with many obstacles as she had to deal with poverty, drugs, violence, an absent father figure, and much more. Yet, despite all this, she turned her life around by dropping out of school at 17 and starting to do hair for a living. She also started using social media platforms like Instagram to make money from posting sponsored posts for brands like Fit Tea. From there, she started getting into music videos and began to work on her debut album, Invasion of Privacy.

Career Beginnings

Cardi B’s career started when she appeared in a music video for the song “Lick” by American rapper Llyod (2015). She began her television career as an extra on the show Love & Hip Hop: New York and its spin-offs in the same year. ( She continued with the series for two seasons before she came out of the contract. In 2016, she released her mixtape “Exclusive,” which included tracks that brought her to prominence, such as “Money Moves” and “Lick.” Her debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy” was released in 2018 and peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200.

Music Career and Journey

Cardi B has always been an entertainer. With her onstage energy, sharp wit, and no-holds-barred honesty, she was a natural fit for reality television and built a loyal following on social media. However, as she prepared to give birth to her daughter in July 2018, Cardi B decided to take her talents to the next level—and signed with Atlantic Records. In 2018, Cardi B began her career with the release of Invasion of Privacy and its accompanying singles, “Be Careful” and “I Like It.” Then, in September, she debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with her third single off the album, “Bartier Cardi.”


Her album, “Invasion of Privacy,” was a massive hit and received a Triple Platinum title. It even went on to rule the Billboard 200 chart! In addition, she has several awards under her name, including Grammy, Billboard Music Award, and Guinness World Records.

Creative Pursuits

Cardi B’s net worth rose quickly because of her passion and participation in additional creative pursuits other than music. For example, she made her debut in Hollywood through the movie “Hustlers” in 2019. The film was a hit and received praise from the industry’s peers and fans.

She later worked in the film F9, produced by Universal Pictures. Then, she made her presence as a judge with T.I and Chance the Rapper for the talent search series “Rhythm + Flow” premiered in 2019 on Netflix.

With over 100 million followers on Instagram, 35 million active listeners on Spotify, 10+ million fans on TikTok, and over 6 billion streams on YouTube, Cardi B quickly rose to social media star status.

All these participations pushed Cardi B’s net worth to her current balance!

Brand Endorsements

Cardi B’s net worth rose to the stated amount because of her brand endorsements. She is even into business ventures, which helps her have a continuous flow of money. The first endorsement was in 2016, when she partnered with Romantic Depot, the New York lingerie chain. The advertisements for the same frequently appeared on radio and television. The other partnerships are with Gypsy Sport, MAC Cosmetics, Pepsi, and Reebok. In addition, her business venture includes a clothing collection, where she partnered with Fashion Nova in 2018.

Personal Life

Cardi B began dating rapper Offset in 2017. He belonged to the hip-hop group, Migos. Although the dating was short, they quickly got engaged in the same year publicly after Offset proposed to her at a concert. However, TMZ states that the couple secretly married in the same year because their license shows the specified date and year. Cardi B ended the rumors by speaking about her marriage when she gave birth to a baby girl in 2018.

She finished high school at Renaissance High School, majoring in music. After struggling with education, she completed the course and high school. Then she went to Borough to study at Manhattan Community College. However, she dropped out from the same within a short time.

Real Estate

Cardi B’s net worth made a noticeable change when the star couple purchased a mansion in the suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Located in Buckhead, the mansion reportedly costs $5.79 million. However, a report states that the couple negotiated the price and purchased the mansion for $5.5 million. As per the real estate records, the property had a price tag of $10 million in 2017. This is something that raised eyebrows across the community. Apart from the mansion, Cardi B invested a sizeable portion of her earnings in purchasing properties around Washington, New York City, and Los Angeles.

The Car Collection

Cardi B is famous for her rapping and achieved success after many struggles. After her success, she soon began fulfilling her dreams. Apart from purchasing properties and entering businesses, she has a good collection of cars. She loves cars and is a big fan of them. As per the celebrity news, she currently owns Audi, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, BMW, and a few more.


Although Cardi B had an excellent career with different music videos, business entries, and brand endorsements, she could not continue with her marriage. She filed a divorce from her husband, Offset, in September 2020. What made the news was that she requested physical custody of her daughter, Kulture, child support, and equal division of the assets. She was at an advantage because the couple had no prenup agreement. At the time of filing the divorce, Cardi B and Offset were already living separately.


Cardi B is an exceptional musician, artist, performer, and rapper. She has a massive fan following across the globe and on different social media sites. Cardi B’s net worth is $40 million, and she keeps adding a few million each year! Her voice, aggressive rapping styles, and lyrics make her unique and attract listeners.

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