Engagement Outfit for Men
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Engagement Outfit for Men To Try Out The Indian Way In 2022

What is the most special moment in a person’s life? Yes. Getting hitched. This is indeed a special feeling in everyone’s life. (Modafinil) For that, people tend to focus on making it more special in some or another way. Choosing a perfect outfit for the wedding and engagement event is quite a hassle, especially if you are picky. In that case, you are in the right place. Now sit back and relax cause I’m here to help you decide on a perfect engagement Outfit for yourself, your brother, or your friend. Specifically for men.

So without blabbering any further, let’s dig into our topic, cause I can’t wait anymore.

engagement outfit for men


Engagement Outfit for Men

Let’s now take a look at the different styles and designs of engagement Outfit for men. You can get a vague idea of what theme of what kind of clothes you like to way. The first thing is to choose your color palette. This is very important. Discuss it with your partner, and decide on a coordinated dress color combination or dress color that you both like. The most trusted colors for occasions like this are white, golden, peach, and black. Though for Indian ceremonies, black is considered an unlucky color, so most Indian households avoid buying black-colored clothes for happy occasions.

In this article, I’ll include all kinds of colors and designs so that it’s easy for you to decide what is that exact Engagement Outfit for Men that you can rely on.

1. Sherwani Anarkali

Do you remember Ranveer Singh’s look from his Mehendi ceremony? I guess you do. Ranveer wore a Sherwani Anarkali, which looked absolutely gorgeous, and the way it was styled was supreme. Designer Sabyasachi came up with more traditional and more aristocratic designs which you can definitely try on. Not a lot of people have tried wearing Sherwani Anarkali, and it’s a really uncommon way if you want your outfit to be unique. It looks royal and gorgeous, and if you want to try out a traditional outfit for your engagement, then you can go ahead with this. You can try taking it in a pastel share and then add in a half coat for a block color effect.

2. Kurta

You can try wearing a Kurta as it is simple, and it is also easy to carry around. If you are someone who’s up for a simple and classic style statement, then you can go for a Kurta and suit. You can try out various designs from different shops or designers. Special mention to mirror work Kurta and Chikan kurtas. Looks simple yet chic. Goes great with traditional

3. Formal Tie up

If you want to try out formal dress-up for your engagement, which most people are doing nowadays, then you can go for that without any hesitation as formal looks great and radiates a certain vibe which is absolutely amazing. For formal, you can go for a plain white shirt or black shirt, or even a beige shirt and pair it up with a blue, white, or black blazer.

Make sure to color coordinate or else the combination might not look good. You can pair up off-white with white; looks similarly stunning. For the final touch, add a bow tie or a necktie and a rose inside your pocket. Don’t forget your boots, and you can also add a broach if you want to.

4. Top the look

This one is my personal favorite as the look is super simple to achieve yet it looks classy, subtle, and charming. This one is quite trending right now, as I’ve seen most celebrities opting for this look in various events. This is an engaging look as well, so don’t worry. This one includes a plain white, cream, beige, mint, or pink or any light pastel colored sherwani with its pant and a beautiful stone embedded or embroidered coat or jacket. The coat or the jacket actually pulls up the whole look, making it look really subtle yet stylish.

5. Indo-Western Sherwani

This design is a bit controversial, but you can honestly decide whether you want to go for it or if you are okay with the old-school sherwani. This one is an Indo-Western Sherwani that comes with a zari embroidered brocade, and it’s always great for any special events.

Engagement Outfit for Men

6. Cowl Kurta

There is always someone who likes to get away from the generic norms and likes dressing up in different outfits and in experimental ways. If you are daring and you think you can rock the show with something out of the box, then cowl Kurta is your thing! You can pair it up with dhoti-style pants, or you can also pair it up with normal pajama pants. This looks amazing, trust me.

7. Dhoti and Panjabi

The Bengali traditional wear is on trend right now! Grab a pair of a dhoti or even a saree and wrap it around to wear a dhoti. If you don’t know how to wear a dhoti, then rely on YouTube tutorials cause that’ll save you. Or you can chuck the hassle and go for readymade elastic/clip-on dhoti instead. Choose a long Panjabi to go with your dhoti. It is best if you wear white or off-white dhoti and colorful or pastel Panjabi. Or you can also go for a colorful dhoti and a plain white Panjabi as well.

8. Bandhgala

Bandhgalas are made with heavy materials and look elegant and royal. No doubt it is known as ‘bandhgala’ which translates into ‘closed neck’. It is known as high neck sherwani. It is a high-collar sherwani. You can wear it with chinos pants and trousers.

9. Drape Kurta

Drape kurtas are in trend right now. Looks trendy. The style is just like a bandhgala sherwani with a draped cloth hanging from one shoulder. The style is really great if you can carry it. You can actually try wearing it, as it looks really cool. Try pairing it up with dhoti or normal pants.

10. Floral

You can actually wear floral prints with pastel pants. Looks stunning and really pretty as well. Floral prints are in trend right now, and no, it’s not just for girls. Boys look similarly stunning in floral printed sherwani, salwar, jackets, Panjabi, or anything. Pair it up with a traditional shoe to match the vibe.


Tips to Carry Your Outfit and Style your Outfit

  • Try using a stole or a shawl as a prop. This works great and adds gravity and personality to the whole look.
  • Chuck those boots and wear traditional sandals and Nagra juti, which looks royal and much better, honestly.
  • Try using broach as it elevates your look and takes it to some other level. Broach can be of different shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. So choose accordingly.
  • Try wearing accessories. Days are gone when only women could accessorize with pieces of jewelry. Men these days are also hoping on and trying different jewelry to get an edged look.
  • Try going for a different hairstyle on that day.
  • Pastels over bold any day. Go for great color coordination and great fabric.

Engagement Outfit for Men

Conclusive Insights

I hope this composition –  Engagement Outfit for Men was relevant and informative as well. It cleared your doubts, and I guess you can decide on a style from the above-mentioned ideas. Let us know your thoughts down below and till the next time, take care.

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