How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk
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The Pickup Mission Guide: How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 is a popular game that is set in a dystopian Cyberpunk universe. It received praise for its graphics, setting, and narrative, and has become a hot favorite among game players since its launch in 2020. The player assumes the role of the character of a mercenary in a fictional city, “ Night City” where they deal with the fallout from the heist. This results in a cybernetic biochip containing an enneagram that attempts to overwrite V’s mind. This action role-playing game’s mission, known as the Pickup Mission has an optional objective that instructs the players to remove a virus from the chip to move to the next level. If you also want to know how to remove virus from chip Cyberpunk, then continue reading.

How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

Easy Ways On How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

Most players get stuck in the Pickup mission while removing virus from the chip as there are no proper instructions on how to achieve this objective. However, it is quite simple to proceed and this guide on how to remove virus from chip Cyberpunk will surely help you to achieve the feat.

Step 1:

How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

The first thing that a player needs to do is open the main menu and navigate to the Shards tab. It is available under “Journal” which is placed on the right side of the interface. Next, the list of available Shards will be in front of you out of which players need to select the Militech Dashboard and then “Crack Security”.

Step 2:

How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

To select the “Crack Security” a correct sequence of numbers must be entered to proceed further. The codes placed on the left side of the screen are the collection of codes, while on the right the codes that need to be entered in the correct sequence are given.

Step 3:

How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

The next step is to create a Code Matrix that is displayed before the buffer on the right. A mini-game picks entries from the Code Matrix on the left to have it appear on the right. This makes it easier to input them simultaneously. For better clarity, players need to Copy the Malware sequence and enter the last two entries from 1CE9, Neutralize Malware Sequence.

Another option is to not use the chip at all and aim to achieve the Quick hack award that helps you to come out of the sticky situation.

What Are The Code Sequences In Copy Malware Action in Cyberpunk?

How To Remove Virus From Chip Cyberpunk

While making entries in The Copy Malware Action, there are certain code sequences that must be followed to achieve the objective. It is an important step if you are looking for how to remove viruses from chip Cyberpunk.

  •       55 – Fourth row in 4th column
  •       BD – Bottom row in the 5th column
  •       1C – Fourth row in the 2nd column
  •       BD – Top row in the 5th column
  •       E9 – Bottom row in the 2nd column
  •       FF – Bottom row in the 2nd column

The code sequences will help you to clear the mission easily and in no time. Once the code sequences are rightfully entered the virus will be removed.

What Makes Cyberpunk So Incredibly Worthy Game?

Cyberpunk takes all the praise for its amazing visuals and graphics. Even though it had several bugs at its initial phase while it was launched it has considerably improved now and gives a pleasurable experience to players. A player is placed in a dystopian world where they have to make efforts to survive in a world full of bad and dangerous people.

The premise seems to be highly intriguing and interesting and appears “astoundingly pretty.” In order to finish the game, one needs to find all the collectibles, which require around 110 hours to complete the main story. The player needs to build their personality in their character by increasing their skill set to tackle the challenges around the Night City. The game story is compelling and fun which has attracted the players towards it. The fans looking for ways on how to remove virus from chip Cyberpunk shows their popularity among them and their desire to win the game.


The game, Cyberpunk is far from a disappointment and there is a maddening craze for completing all the challenges and winning the game. The game setting gives an aesthetic vibe and takes on a fun ride. However, there are certain objectives that are unclear to players such as removing viruses from the chip. Our guide on how to remove virus from chip Cyberpunk will surely be helpful to you in achieving the objective easily. We hope you have a wonderful time playing this amazing game.


1] When was Cyberpunk launched?

Cyberpunk was launched in the year 2020.

2] Is Cyberpunk worth the hype?

Yes, Cyberpunk is definitely worth your time as it has amazing visuals and graphics and also a great storyline that engages the players.

3] What is Cyberpunk based on?

Cyberpunk is based on a dystopian universe where you need to collect collectibles and fight bad people to achieve your objectives.

4] How many hours does it take for Cyberpunk missions to get completed?

It takes around 24 hours on average to complete the missions in Cyberpunk.

5] How to remove virus from chip Cyberpunk?

Viruses from cyberpunk can be removed by copying the malware sequence and adding the entries.

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