Next-Gen Platform Takes Indie Music Careers Sky-High!

Viberate introduces a unique platform tailored for independent artists – Viberate for Artists. This platform consolidates essential tools to help independent musicians further their careers, such as digital distribution, music promotion tools, and in-depth analytics. Among its features, artists can delve into Spotify for Artists statistics and use the Spotify playlist pitching tool to enhance their reach.


Viberate’s Position in the Music Industry

Recognized as a leading music data firm, Viberate delivers top-notch music analytics to professionals in the industry. Now, they’re extending their array of services, presenting artists with data-driven tools. While some tools are complimentary, there are also premium features available at an attractive $39 annual fee.


A Comprehensive Free Website for Musicians

Standing as the world’s largest crowdsourced database of artists, Viberate assures that every artist profile undergoes verification by a specialized team of curators. This meticulous verification paves the way for Viberate to offer a free website for musicians. These websites encompass pivotal information such as genre, top tracks, upcoming events, and audience demographics – vital details that industry experts seek when scouting for fresh talent. Moreover, artists can claim and customize their websites by adding contact details and booking options. Viberate takes pride in ensuring these websites are attractive, auto-updated, and share-ready.


Dive Deep into Spotify for Artists Analytics

By integrating their Spotify account, artists unlock a holistic view of their Spotify for Artists metrics on Viberate’s platform. This allows them to:

  • Monitor Spotify metrics such as listener count, followers, streams, and the sources of these streams.
  • Analyze audience demographics like gender and age.
  • Identify cities and nations housing their robust fan base.
  • Recognize regions witnessing rapid listener growth.
  • Observe the performance of their playlists.

Keeping tabs on playlist analytics empowers artists to identify their most popular tracks and evaluate the reach trajectory over a period. It also provides a vantage point to discern which playlists amplify their streams or listeners, an invaluable insight for strategizing promotional ventures.


Effortless Digital Music Distribution

Before embarking on music promotion, artists must first launch their compositions. And Viberate for Artists offers a seamless path to that. With the platform, artists enjoy unrestricted music releases across all significant streaming platforms.


Maximize Reach with Spotify Playlist Pitching

Post-music release, artists can harness Viberate’s Spotify playlist pitching tool to promote their tracks. This tool grants access to a comprehensive Spotify playlist chart, cataloging over 12M playlists by their popularity. By utilizing this tool, artists can:

  • Filter playlists by various criteria such as genre, type, release date of songs, and song popularity.
  • Engage directly with some playlist curators or connect via external avenues.

For instance, if an artist seeks indie curator playlists specializing in House music with specific features, they can effortlessly locate them using this tool.Another perk of this platform? Artists can juxtapose their performance against peers and spot popular playlists spotlighting their compositions.To access an all-encompassing suite comprising music distribution, promotional resources, and intricate analytics, artists can opt for the Premium Viberate.com for Artists plan priced at $39 annually.

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