Marketing tips for the musicians

Marketing tips for the musicians

Marketing trends are growing for the artists. If you are an artist, then you’ve come to the right place. We will teach you a few tips on how to promote your content on Spotify, SoundCloud and other platforms. 

Less is Better

This is one of the main marketing trends for 2018-2019. As content marketing grows, online publications are adjusting their models to accommodate these changes. Even over the past year or so, more and more publications have shifted from covering many broad topics to niche publications and highly concentrated content.

Yes, it’s a challenge and a sweat, but it’s also a mind-blowing opportunity. Targeted, niche publications tend to attract exactly those readers who are really interested in buying, so if you target narrowly focused publications, you are more likely to succeed with a more qualified audience that is really interested in buying. What are you offering – What kind of tracks?

For instance, if you are in the Rap industry then Spotify is full of rappers. So, you’ve a natural competition. It’s better to focus more on quality tracks rather than quantity. It’s better to put quality ones and be less active then ‘tracks that don’t get hype’ and post everyday. You can buy Spotify plays to get algorithm boost and get more recognition. 

Marketing ceases to be generic, caste, demographic, or racial. Buyers expect that, first of all, they will be offered something relevant, the message will be meaningful and sent to them through the channel that works for them. 

Focus on Gen Z too

The oldest of the Gen Zers (Gen Z) are now 22 years old and have entered the workforce. This is the generation of people who were, at the most, nine years old when Facebook came out. They use Instagram and Snapchat more often than Facebook. But their real value lies in the fact that this is a generation of teens and young adults who use up to five different social networks a day and do not “marry” any particular platform. They are interested in videos, especially day-by-day videos, behind the scenes and practical advice. Gen Z-focused bands and musicians will have an incredible edge. The post-millennial generation will be even more demanding than their predecessors, and brands will have to acknowledge this.

Business around musicians and bands will increasingly need to embrace “conversational commerce” through the right mix of automated messaging and human interaction. 

Expect messaging apps to compete with email addresses as important contact information. Messenger for Business will continue to iterate, adding new capabilities to enable businesses of all sizes to create stronger connections with their customers.

Generation Z requires companies to work not only, and not so much for profit. Capitalism is about to change, and those who think exclusively about income as a sign of success are making a big mistake. Along with SoundCloud and Spotify, you neend other platforms too. Put your tracks or videos not only on those platforms mentioned above but also on the networks that have billions of users.

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