Vegetarian Food for wedding reception

Wedding Reception Vegetarian Food

Many couples who get married offer the choice between beef, chicken and/or seafood. This often seems like a good option because this wide array of choices can please anyone. Well, almost anyone. What about vegetarians? Should you offer a vegetarian meal option at your wedding? Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing your wedding menu.

Rules Don’t Apply

One of the reasons a crudite – a collection of vegetables – is perfect for a wedding reception is that there are no rules, really. You can make a small arrangement or a huge one. You can make more than one vegetable patch or just one long patch. Plus, you don’t have to fuss over the vegetables – cutting them this way and that to impress – you can have them ready to serve in no time!

Frugal wedding

It won’t cost a lot of money to feature the vegetable patch in the center of a table at the wedding reception. Look around at a lawn and garden store, home improvement place or even a discount department store. You’ll find all sorts of planters – one perfect for your own reception. There are plastic ones and metallic-look numbers. You’ll find long, plastic troughs made for use with wallpaper (not really a planter). Anything that has a planter shape will work well.

You can purchase cheap planters which are green or white and spray-paint them to coordinate with your wedding colors. Or, cover the sides of a smooth planter with fabric by simply gluing it on. Sewing a long ruffle, you can even create a skirt for the planter, and that look is adorable

Vegetarians Attending the Wedding Reception

Unless you are having a very small wedding, it is unlikely that you are aware of each and every single person’s meal preferences. What about one of your mom’s co-workers or your great-aunt who you don’t even remember meeting? There is also a chance that one of your guest’s dates could be a vegetarian. Before you make the assumption that there will be no vegetarians at your wedding, keep in mind that there is a possibility that there may be.

Picky Eaters and People Who Prefer Meatless Options

Some people simply prefer meal options which do not include meat, even if they are not actually vegetarians. Others may be really picky about the way their meat is prepared, which may lead them to opt for a vegetarian meal. Others may find that meat tends to be too heavy or they may even be on a diet which does not include meat at the time of your wedding. This is also not to mention any religious beliefs or allergies which may prevent them from being able to eat one or more of the options on your wedding menu.

Vegetarian Options to Consider for Any Wedding

Even if there are no vegetarians attending your wedding, there are many meatless meal options that almost anyone will love. Stuffed portabella mushrooms can go over really well as appetizers. Pasta dishes, such as mushroom ravioli, always seem to go over very well with just about anyone. Vegetable napoleon and dishes using fresh mozzarella and basil also tend to be very popular choices.

You may also be interested in best stainless steel cookware to ensure all dishes prepared for your vegetarian guests are prepared with the utmost care and elegance. It is important to understand not only the needs of all guests but also to ensure that presentation is held in the highest utmost regard.

It can be ideal for any couple who is getting married to consider offering a vegetarian meal option. You might not realize that there are vegetarians will be attending your wedding or one of your guests may require special food accommodations which do not consist of meat. Pasta and other vegetarian meal options can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Even if you are not a vegetarian yourself, it is best to give your guests the option to choose a meal which is not prepared with meat. While it is ultimately up to you and your fiancé, it would be wise to consider adding a vegetarian meal option to your wedding reception menu.

Line the bottom of the clean planter with sprouts. If it’s a deep planter line it with wadded cellophane. Now set about making rows or other arrangements. Make a row of carrots, one of celery sticks, another of healthy cucumbers – sliced from end to end – a row of broccoli and so forth. Serve with a single dip or a selection of veggie dips. The garden planter arrangement is striking, with the various rows of colors, and when the party is over, you’ll own a really nice planter that comes with attached memories!

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