Choosing A Wedding Dress for A Beach Wedding
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Choosing A Wedding Dress for A Beach Wedding

There is nothing more exciting than exchanging your vows on a beautiful sandy beach with the waves crashing to shore in the background. However, there are some considerations you need to take into account when choosing a wedding dress.  Often a beach wedding is for those renewing vows or marrying for the second time, if you have done the white flowing wedding gown, consider looking at a colourful glamourous dress, something elegant you can always wear again.

Here are ten tips for choosing the perfect beach wedding dress:

  1. Choose a shorter dress - while they look amazing in bridal magazines, a flowing train might look magical, but in reality, you will find it very annoying. Getting sand trapped in your wedding dress hem and train, can make the dress look grubby in your wedding photos. Shorter style dresses are very popular, and a cocktail length dress can work very well. The Mori Lee 31034 Bridesmaid dress would look great and is a practical cocktail dress style that is elegant and classy. Some brides also opt for a varied length skirt, that is knee length at the front but a little longer in the back. It gives the bride a more formal look without having a dress dragging in the sand.
  2. Choose a breathable fabric – if you are getting married on the beach, you are probably marrying in summer when the weather is hot, and you will be out in the sunshine. Choose a dress made of fabric that won’t have you *overheat*. Light and floaty fabrics that work well for a beach wedding include charmeuse and chiffon. Look for a dress in a nice light, summer-weight material.
  3. Combine your fabrics – if you are having a dress made, you can combine more than one light fabric to create your dress
  4. Opt for something casual – beach weddings are often a lot less formal than indoor or church weddings, so a full-on bridal gown with a bodice and a full skirt, train and veil might look a little out of place. The ideal beach wedding dress should flow over the lines of your body giving you a softer and smoother silhouette, which will be complemented by a bouquet of fresh flowers and long, loose flowing hair.
  5. Think about packing – unless you live next to the beach, a beach wedding might include a fair amount of travel. So, you also need to find a dress that’s easy to pack to carry onto a plane. If you are travelling to another destination, keep your wedding dress as hand luggage – the last thing you need is your dress being lost or damaged.
  6. Don’t rely on wearing heels – when shopping for your wedding dress, remember if you are marrying on a beach the dress you choose should look great with flat shoes, sandals, or even bare feet. A lot of brides rely on heels to make their dress work, but heels and sand don’t go together.
  7. Consider a strappy style wedding dress – although strapless gowns look great and are very fashionable, they also rely on a lot of fabric and support (underneath) which can be hot and quite uncomfortable. You may have to walk a longer distance to reach your spot on the beach, dealing with sun and sand along the way. If you are looking for a dress that is *sexy* - nothing looks better than white spaghetti straps against tanned skin. If you opt for a dress with straps, you can also try going for a dress with a low cut back as well.
  8. Prepare for a breeze – whenever you get married by a beach – or a lake – there is always a chance you may have to contend with a strong breeze, so try and limit any loose accessories on your wedding gown that might blow around. A lot of brides choose not to wear a veil, and very short dresses are to be avoided, to prevent any embarrassment. You can always have the hem of your dress *weighted* if you are worried about the weather.
  9. Colours – you don’t have to wear white, cream or even champagne. This is a beach wedding, and the rules are different, colours such as red, pink, lavender, pale blue and mint green will all work well on a beach wedding, you also won’t *fade away* as much against the sand and water background.
  10. Accessorise – you can still add some sparkle to your wedding dress, but be sure to try those accessories WITH the dress you have chosen to ensure they complement your dress perfectly.