Planning a Medieval Inspired Wedding
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Planning a Medieval Inspired Wedding

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Palaces, princesses, and knights in their shining armor. These describe the classic and romantic medieval times, making it a great wedding theme.

Here are some essential elements you can include to your wedding to give out that medieval vibes.

Finding your picture-perfect medieval location

Planning a Medieval Inspired Wedding

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Your wedding venue doesn’t have to be in a castle unless you’re in England where there are tons of castles available to rent for wedding events. But if not, you can always choose a place near you and improvise with decoration to bring out that medieval look.

Here are some other locations that can give off the medieval feeling to your wedding:

  • Gazebo in a park
  • Mountaintops
  • Near a stream or river
  • Barns with stone details

Fitting the medieval dress for the bride and groom

A crucial part of the wedding, the bride’s dress, and the groom’s attire should in one glance give off that medieval vibes.

For the bride, select bodice dresses with laces, ribbons and flowing bell sleeves. And instead of a veil, choose a flowered headpiece for a more authentic effect. But if you want an authentic medieval wedding, choose a blue velvet or satin dress for the bride. Blue during medieval times is the symbol of purity, not white.

The groom can wear breeches, doublets, tights, and tunics with billowy shirts. If you’ve opted for tailor-made wedding suits, pair them up with ties decorated with medieval designs like a crest, medieval cross, and fleur-de-lis.

To reduce the hassle of finding that perfect dress, find online shops that offer full body medieval dresses, or you can always ask your bridal shop gown to customize a dress with such designs.

Sending the wedding invites

An appropriate paper for your medieval wedding is a parchment. Roll it into scrolls or adorn it with gold and silver leaves. The more antique looking, the better. You can even place them on envelopes sealed with customized wax.

You can get more creative and write in the Medieval English style. Use phrases like “(Bride), fair daughter of” or “feasting and merriment” for the reception. Match it up with a more medieval font style like Edwardian Script.

Choose your music

Aside from the decorations, music is a great way to give a medieval ambiance to the wedding venues. Hire local chamber music groups that can play lutes, harps, bagpipes or mandolin. You can also mix modern music with ancient tunes if you like.

For a more fun reception, you can have strolling musicians and jugglers or mimes for entertainment. It’s your wedding; you can play whatever you want.

Find the right decorations

Planning a Medieval Inspired Wedding

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Don’t hold back on those decorations to bring out that medieval look. Your wedding and reception area should be with elaborate and elegant looking decorations if it’s a royalty-wedding style. If it’s a peasant-style wedding, you can go with simple and rustic decorations.

You can never go wrong with adding great lighting to your venue. Outdoors or indoors, hang firefly lights on the walls or the trees. You can always browse online shops like Lamptwist that offers a variety of lighting fixtures suited for your medieval wedding style.

Herbs, banners, the collection of luxury scented candles, ironworks, and gargoyles are just some of the things you can add for a more medieval appearance.

Be resourceful and use wooden garden furniture for your tables and chairs. For a twist, add pillows with medieval decorations all around the area.


These are just five ways to incorporate a medieval theme to your wedding. You can always mix and match and create your unique style of medieval wedding. Because no matter what, it’s your wedding.

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