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Bungee Jumping in India: Give Your Adrenaline Rush a Boost

India is a land of rich flora and fauna. With so much greenery on the north and south, who wouldn’t want to kickstart some adventure here? Honestly, India has it all, from seas to mountains and so much more. It feels as if greenery stretches from the upper part to below. The experience of bungee jumping in India is an overall different experience to relish. If you’re new here, you need to do research. It would help if you determined where you want to undergo bungee jumping, in the South or North. Several destinations offer couple bungee jumping in India. 

Couple Bungee Jumping in India

Couple bungee jumping may seem like a very new idea, but it can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Many of these places have introduced the idea to keep up the thrill. So, if you’re an adventurous couple, you can go bungee jumping. 

This may sound a little absurd, but if you are looking for an adventurous pre-wedding shoot idea, you should try bungee jumping. There are just too many experiences along with your partner. If you don’t want your marriage to miss out on the spice, you should consider going bungee jumping in India with your partner for a honeymoon

Places for bungee jumping in India

If you want to give your adrenaline a boost, you should consider going bungee jumping in India. Believe it or not, but India has some of the best destinations for bungee jumping. 

Here are some of the best places for bungee jumping in India:

Bungee jumping in India Rishikesh

Bungee jumping in India Rishikesh has been on the bucket list for many. Moreover, bungee jumping in Rishikesh is one of the highest points in India. It has a fixed platform, and you can eventually jump and set out on the thrill of experiencing the jump. 

Source: India thrills

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is done at Mohan Chatti Village. However, there are other destinations too. It has a height of 83 metres. It is necessary to do research about the top places to go bungee jumping in India. 

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is extremely affordable as well. Although it is one of the highest points, the operators charge pretty little. If you research accurately enough, you can eventually land the best deal. 


Lonavala is one of the best destinations for bungee jumping in India. If you want to kickstart your adventure and give your adrenaline rush a boost, you should totally consider visiting Lonavala. 

Source: Holidify

The adventure park in Lonavala, also known as Della Adventures, is one of the best places to go bungee jumping. The bungee jumping experience can last from 7-10 minutes. However, they also have a set weight so that you can enjoy your jump flexibly. It is necessary to understand it is one of the most thrilling experiences. 

Once you complete your bungee jumping in Lonavala, you will be eligible for receiving a certificate. Moreover, it is extremely affordable. There is no specific time to enjoy bungee jumping in Lonavala. If you want to win over your fears, you should consider going bungee jumping here. The height for bungee jumping is around 45 m. 

Ozone Adventures, Bangalore

Ozone Adventures in St Mark’s Road conducts bungee jumping in Bangalore. It is hailed to be one of the highest points for bungee jumping in Bangalore. There is no fixed platform to jump from. However, the platform is suspended at the height of 40m high, and you can eventually set out. 

Source: Holidify

It does have an age limit of 18 to 60 years. It is necessary to do research and then go. However, if you have any existing health conditions, you should avoid going bungee jumping. It is not at all dangerous. Therefore, you can set out freely for bungee jumping. The best time to do bungee in Bangalore is from October to February. 


Goa has always been the go-to place for many. Whenever it comes to exciting activities in India, Goa always finds its place. While you may think that Goa is only meant for beaches and water activities, it is not. There are several other activities that you can enjoy in Goa, and bungee jumping is surely one of them. 

bungee jumping in India
Source: Jump In Heights

However, if you’re planning to go bungee jumping in Goa, you need to go to Anjuna beach. If requested, you can also enjoy a couple bungee jumps. However, unlike other places, the height is pretty low. So, if you’re someone who is afraid of heights and wants to overcome your fear, you should definitely give Goa a try. Honestly, you wouldn’t regret the decision. A perfect destination for bungee after wedding

Wanderlust, Delhi

This may come as a surprise, but it is true. Bungee jumping in Delhi is a dream come true for many. If you wanted to go bungee jumping, you either had to go extreme North or extreme South. But, finally, there’s a place where you can go bungee jumping. 

bungee jumping in India
Source: Adventure Sports India

Unlike other places, the height for bungee jumping in Delhi is very high. How? Wanderlust features a height of 52m for bungee jumping. Once you complete your jump, you will receive gift hampers and a certificate too. However, before setting out for the jump, your medical test will be done and you will be briefed about the entire situation. It’s a good gift for wedding to try something adventurous with your partner. 


Located in the heart of India, Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh, maybe your shot for bungee jumping. It is situated at the height of 30metres and is hailed to be one of the most thrilling places for bungee jumping in India. 

bungee jumping in India
Source: Native Planet

Jagdalpur is one of the central locations for Indian adventure tourism. When you’re in Jagdalpur, you will get to experience a lot of things. When you’re jumping from the top, all you get to see is greenery. And isn’t that exciting? If you have a tight budget, bungee jumping in Jagdalpur is the best location. 

Final Thoughts

With so many places for bungee jumping in India, you do not need to be confused. If you do some basic research, you will find a lot of places. However, the price will vary significantly depending on the height. Therefore, make your choice for bungee jumping accordingly.

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