Enjoy The Freedom To Drive With A Peace Of Mind

Enjoy The Freedom To Drive With A Peace Of Mind

Latest models of the cars are simple and have ergonomic designs. They are integrated with GPS, Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity features. They offer the valuable experience of driving the car with the full safety benefits. Still, there are some safety hazards that can be present while driving the car. Over speeding is the most common reason for car accidents. Sometimes, the drivers are unable to know if they are really over speeding their car or not.  This makes them to unknowingly violate the traffic rules as a result of which they receive traffic ticket that can even send behind the bars. Thus, to know whether the speed of the car is being measured by the policemen or not, motorists use the radar detector. It is the kind of electronic equipment that helps in detecting the variety of wavelength band.

Install the Radar detector on the dashboard of your car

Radar detectors are the small electronic devices which you can install on the dashboard of the car. This gives you the warning signal if your speed is being measured by the policemen with the help of the radar gun. On receiving the warning, you can slow down your car to escape the punishments by the traffic law. Various types of radar detectors are being used by the policemen for controlling the crimes. Lidar is one of the radar guns that makes use of a focused beam of infrared light to escape the traditional radar detector. But, modern radar detectors are able to detect it and alert the car driver. The best radar detectors are legal to install on the dashboard of your car but make sure that you follow the traffic rules strictly.

Choose the best type of radar detector

Mainly three types of radar detectors are available in the market. These include:

  • Wireless radar detector: This type of detector is portable and can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.
  • Wired radar detector: These are placed on the windshield of your car. Thus, you can easily detect the radiowave.
  • Remote mount detector: It can be installed at any place in your car to detect the radio waves. You can even hide it in your car to prevent the theft.

Advanced radar detectors are available with a sensor which is able to identify the laser beam from the front and the back of your car. You can have the 360 degree laser radar detector to notify you on the detection of radiowave from any direction. Such radar detectors are available with digital voice alert feature.

Working of the radar detectors

Radar uses the radio waves which move at the speed of the light. When this wave obstructs with any object that comes in its way, the radio waves return back to the radar detector. The duration after which radio waves return back depend upon the distance between the radar detector and the radio wave. Radio wave frequency of the reverted wave gets modified when the car is in motion. As soon as the car comes near to the radar gun, the radio wave frequency gets increased. Radar detector picks up on radio wave and changes its frequency to enable the driver to slow down their speeding car.

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