How to Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget

How to Personalize Your Wedding on a Budget

Every bride wants their wedding to be truly personal and memorable to each and every guest. However, coordinating the events and matching all the attire and decor to your personalized theme and handpicked color palette can get expensive really quickly. Here are some ways to personalize every part of your wedding while staying on a tight budget.


Finding that perfect wedding dress that just happens to be within your budget may seem more unlikely than finding your perfect soulmate on Tinder. DIY your dream dress by hunting through thrift and vintage shops and tailoring your finds to reflect your dream bridal look. Not ready to give up your perfect (and out of your budget) dream wedding dress? Save money by getting creative in choosing your bridesmaids dresses or groomsmen accessories. Who says the entire bridal party has to shop at an expensive bridal store in order to look the part? Go to Target, find 5 matching dresses and matching belts or other accessories, and you’ve just saved yourself more money to spend on food and drinks.


Transportation can be a costly line item for any couple planning their big day. Why not outfit your own existing rides with custom decals or decorations so you can all arrive in style while skipping the expensive party bus rental? Want a big deluxe limo or party bus but can’t afford the real thing? Rent a big yellow school bus instead and all your guests will feel nostalgic while riding in style and partying it up all the way home.


Your reception location is often the most expensive component for your big day. Finding creative ways to incorporate your personalities into this vital decision can not only make your day truly personal, but save you some money as well. Skip the traditional banquet hall and look into local restaurants, maybe where you had your first date together? Love books and coffee? Check out bookstores and coffee shops that have enough space for your party and see if they will rent it out for one night. Outdoor spaces are great ideas for entertaining bigger crowds. Look into parks, beaches, anywhere you and your partner love taking romantic strolls and see if it can be outfitted to host a party you’ll never forget.


Decorating for your ceremony and reception can get expensive. Stay on budget by getting creative with some DIY decor for any venue you choose. Use balloons from the dollar store to line your walk down the aisle or seating area. Create custom wine labels printed with table numbers to mark each table as centerpieces. These creative additions are sure to make for a memorable and add a personal touch to your special day.


Personalizing 200+ party favors may not seem economical when you need to custom print that many candy boxes, gift bags and ribbons. A much more affordable option is to get custom labels made that you can apply to any bag, box, menu, napkin holder, or just about anything you want! Buy some bulk candy bags and add a personalized favor label to instantly personalize your wedding favor without having 600 extra custom printed candy bags to use for the rest of your life. You can even use these labels for your invitations, ceremony and reception cards, and menus to keep everything in a perfectly coordinated theme.

Making your big day feel special should not cost you your future mortgage or children’s college tuition. Get creative, think outside the box, and try out different and unconventional ways to add some personality to your wedding without breaking the bank.

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