10 Ways Yoga Can Help Your Marriage

10 Ways Yoga Can Help Your Marriage

Often as we go through the motions of daily life, the essence of a relationship, romance, and intimacy in the marriage gets compromised somewhere down the road. It requires a special attention and care that is probably not mentioned in any medical journal for it is more based on emotional and spiritual wellbeing than physical or mental. The bond of Marriage that two people share is more than a seal of approval to be in a relationship with the other. It is a bond that joins two lives and their journeys together. While there can be countless unforgivable reasons for a relationship to hit a dry-patch, some of which (the unlucky ones doomed to fail from the start) never make it out of it. However, as long as there are love and respect for one another, with a little bit of effort, the marriage can actually be the most wonderful and enriching journey for a couple. All it needs is some love, attention, and care so it can blossom into a healthy union and continue to grow in a positive direction. Yoga, the eternal science of mind, body, and spirit can be a great companion in fulfilling this purpose. Here is how:

Yoga Symbolizes Union of the Heart, Body, and Spirit

There is a common denominator between Marriage and Yoga and that is ‘Unification’. Yoga symbolizes the union of the mind, body, and spirit into a single harmony, while Marriage is the union of two hearts, bodies, and souls. When a couple begins to indulge in Yoga practices together, this great union is extended to the other partner as well. As a result of it, a merger of two bodies, minds, and souls takes place – for Real.

Yoga Helps Reconnect

The asanas practiced in Yoga take on a journey to reconnect and establish a connection with the Self and the partner. This connection further leads the practitioner to feel more aligned and sensitive towards the other’s heart and soul.

Yoga Leads to Self-Acceptance and Compassion

As Yoga prepares you to feel more confident in your body and mind, Self-Acceptance is one of the major attributes that surface in this process. Yoga teaches a being to accept the Self and the universe as it is. Instead of finding faults in the marriage or the partner (a tendency that naturally develops over time), the yogi feels more compassionate towards building trust and being a nurturer.

Yoga Rekindles Light in the Heart

Yoga opens up the mind and body to love and rekindles affection for it in the heart of the partners.

Yoga Improves Love Life

A heightened sex-life is another wonderful aspect of Yoga. As the body and mind become calmer, peaceful, and self-aware, the devotion for each other increases as well. A shift from worldly stresses to love happens during the course of Yoga.

Yoga Beats Anxiety and Stress

Yoga is the safest and the best natural remedy for releasing stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are the leading reasons behind an increasing gap in a relationship. If a person is not stressed out all the time then they naturally feel happier and prepared to be with their partner in every situation with all the heart and mind.

Yoga Makes One less-Reactive and More Responsive

Actions and Reactions are damaging to any relationship. Any reaction offered during an upsetting situation can actually be managed in a more humble manner without exerting too much strain. Yoga has the ability to bring us into a responsive state instead of a reactive one. It gives us the strength and behavioral restraint to manage arguments and fights in a much better manner.

Yoga Helps Live Mindfully

Yoga lets us live in the present moment and be fully happy in it. It divulges away from worrying about the past or the future events. Instead, Yoga advocates being in the present moment wholeheartedly as ‘present’ is the true and only reality.

Yoga Opens the Heart and Helps Bring Down the Guard

Keeping boundaries around the self is a common human tendency of many people. The purpose is to avoid pain or feeling responsible in future. However, this also restricts the body and heart to feel the power of love and relationship to its full potential. Yoga is highly rewarding as it helps open the heart and also softens us so we can bring the guard down to allow the other half to enter it with compassion and commitment.

Yoga Enhances Self-love

Yoga teaches loving the Self beyond anything else. It is only when you love yourself completely can you can love others and vice versa.

Yoga Teaches to Forgive and Let Go

Above all, Yoga teaches the art of forgiveness so we can let go of the dark and move on to the light without letting any resentment hold us back. ‘Letting go’ is a strong motivation for a healthy marriage as no one is perfect.

Love with all the heart and live with all the spirit. If you are destined to remain together then Yoga can be your companion and guide in assuring it.

Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

Website: https://www.rishikulyogshala.org/

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