Customized t-shirts are in trend: But why?

Customized t-shirts are in trend: But why?

Nowadays, there is a trend of not following a trend. People like to stand out from the crowd. People irrespective of gender or age want to express what they feel, look how they want to, wear what they are comfortable with and be what they are.

Though a small, but customized t-shirts provide a way to people to do that. Following a trend and wearing what everybody else is wearing is day by day becoming less common. People have turned the other way and are opting for customized clothes.

Custom t-shirt store provide customized t shirts which are a way to express themselves to people of all generations irrespective of financial status or celebrity status. School going children and Hollywood celebrities both opt for this option. It lets them match their clothing with their attitude, style and personality.

Customized clothing is also used to create a memory. People can gift their near and dear ones, a t-shirt with photos printed on it or a message written on it. This way the receiver will be getting a gift of utility which it can use along with a personal photo or message.

Earlier it used to be only few designs from which the customer had to select. But now, companies have started printing designs or drawings sent by customer even for a single piece order. This opens up a wide range of options for customers to choose from.

Below are some of the most prominent reasons for customized t-shirts becoming influential in this industry:

  1. Emergence of Social Media
  • Social Media has become a leading platform for people to express their opinion. Not only do people share opinions on serious topics but also about their likes and dislikes about each and everything.
  • Customized t-shirts provide a way to people to take that online content and express it offline in the physical world.
  • Recently a web series became extremely popular on a video on demand website and people started trending its dialogues and memes online. Many e-commerce websites providing customized t-shirts were flooded with requests of t-shirts with dialogues and memes of that web series printed on it. No doubt, sellers who were ready in advance with those t-shirts did a huge business out of it.
  1. For Advertising or Marketing
  • It is not always that something becomes popular and then customers demand for customized t-shirts to show their likes or dislikes. Many a time customized t-shirts are used to make something popular too.
  • Owners of a product introduce specially designed t-shirts which has something related to their product printed on it.
  • Sellers customize either logo or a picture or a message or a meme of the product on the t-shirt and then distribute it at various locations targeted at their customer base.
  • Companies even make celebrities, who endorse their brands, wear customized t-shirts with their products on it.
  1. Sports enthusiasm
  • People like to wear the uniform of the sports teams, whom they support.
  • Sports enthusiasts like to wear the official t-shirt of the team they are supporting while watching them play.
  • Sellers have understood this demand and regularly keep their stock updated according to sporting seasons.
  1. Personalized gifts
  • Market of giving gifts has grown tremendously over the years and a major portion of it is captured by personalized gifts.
  • People like to give gifts that are not common, feel special and something personal. And customized t-shirts are one of the top most in-demand products in the category of personalized gifts
  1. Emergence of designing tools
  • Many online shopping websites have designing tools where customer can design their own t-shirts.
  • Customers can decide their own patterns. Customer can choose full sleeves, half sleeves or no sleeves, type of collar and type of fit.
  • Customers can select from a range of images provided by the seller. Some sellers even give the option of printing an image given by the customer. So the customer can even get a t-shirt with their own photos on it.
  • Customers can also select their choice of color and even the type of material. Hence people can wear customized woolen t-shirts in winter and customized cotton t-shirts in summer and can choose to wear single color t-shirt or multicolor t-shirts. Some people even wear only certain colors in a particular season. So they can even choose color according to season.

Thus, customized t-shirts are going to play a major role in this industry in future and in fact, it would capture majority of the market  by becoming more user-friendly and giving a variety of options to the customers.

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