Are You An Adventure Loving Couple? These Ideas Are Exactly For You

Are You An Adventure Loving Couple? These Ideas Are Exactly For You

It is said that opposites attract each other. The same concept implies also in relationships. But also, there are many couples who love to enjoy the same habits and the same hobbies. If it is about being adventurous, there are a number of couple who love to explore various adventurous trips and ideas together.

So, if you are among such an adventurous couple and are about to tie your knot with each other, why should you take the vows in a general way? People around should know about the adventure spirit and the start can be always by your wedding plans. Why don’t you plan a wedding that is adventurous and also very romantic? There are many of these ideas that may seem impossible in the beginning but when you think about it, you will feel it to be something that you will surely wish to do.

The Jungle Camp

Nothing can be as romantic as being in midst of the rustling leaves, chirping birds, and life away from the city traffic. If you both are someone who is much engrossed in wildlife, this can be the perfect option of wedding for you. You must have gone out for jungle safari or must have thought of doing so if you are a wildlife lover. Now just in place of going for a safari, you will be going to the camp spot to get married. Today, there are so many amazing resorts available in between such beautiful forests where you can stay with your relatives and friends until the wedding rituals are over. Get some amazing pictures clicked with your spouse, keeping the enchanting forest views as your background.

The Place From Where The Sun Rises

So, you are in love with the mountains? In fact, maximum of people do love being at a hill station due to the amazing weather and the mesmerizing scenic beauty. Upon the mountains, it can be a perfect option to get married in an unusual way. You can arrange for tents and camps on the hilltop for a day or so and can get your wedding vows exchanged with the rising sun.

In Between The Clouds

What about a romantic wedding affair in between the clouds? Experience the amazing moment by planning your wedding in the hot air balloons! Hot air balloons have been always connected with both romances as well as adventure. Even if you are not someone who is much into adventure, you can plan such a wedding to experience something that is different from the usual. Make your spouse feel extremely special by exchanging the rings on the top of the world. Let your girl believe that fairy tales do exist and your love story is also one of them.

In Between The Colorful Fishes

Now, this sounds something dreamy but if you really want it to be done, you actually can. The coral reef beaches offer a perfect destination for the divers. Under the water, you find the beautiful coral reefs surrounded by colorful tiny fishes and other aquatic creatures. It is just that you and your bride will not be able to get decked up in your wedding attire. But who bothers to notice the attire when you have such a breathtaking environment around you! You may get a mixed feeling of excitement for both the dive as well as the starting of your new life. But this mixed feeling is going to make your wedding a special one and the most beautiful moment that will be cherished by not only you and your partner but by everyone who comes to know about it.

The list does not just end up here. There are many more options that are available for people who wish to have something unusual but are not much into an adventure. Some of the other ideas that you can pick up for your amazing wedding that everyone can remember and talk about are:

  • Wedding on a cruise,
  • Wedding at the dessert,
  • In the underground caves,
  • Near the glaciers, and so on.

The ideas are endless because nature has so many things to offer. Just explore out the best option that matches up with both of your adventure delights. Weddings are special but making it an unusual one makes it even more special.

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