Ultimate bridal care regimen for the bride-to-be

Ultimate bridal care regimen for the bride-to-be

The wedding bells are ringing like alarm and it is just about the time that you start a beauty regimen. You have tons of relatives giving you advice but you don’t know what to follow and what not to. Blushed Rose is here to give you some of the top skin care essentials that you must follow from at least one month before the special day.  Check them out, note down and follow these to look flawless in 30 days!

Tips to get healthier before your wedding day

The following tips will take you a step towards having the perfect wedding look:

  1. Correct skin issues

With age, we all have skin issues – be it 25 or 35, there will be something you need to fix. Count on products that have AHAs for removing dead skin cells and reduce dullness. Do all that you need to make your face look vibrant and don’t forget the daily dose of SPF!

  1. Skin to what you use

Don’t try out new makeup brands 1-2 weeks before the wedding. Stick to the ones you have been loyal to till now to make sure you don’t have ugly pop-ups!

  1. Consume green tea

Green tea doesn’t just enhance your metabolism for weight loss, it also comes with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for acne. Give your inner body at least 2 cups of detoxification with this magic potion.

  1. Have vitamin supplements

Like every bride-to-be, if you’re trying to reduce weight or maintain it well, add a multi-vitamin supplement with the diet. The correct nutrients will reflect within 30 days through nails, skin, and hair. Try out omega oil for skin and consume lots of vitamin C.

  1. Book a spray tan

If you’re getting wedded during summer months, make sure you go for a spray tan right before the wedding day. This will save you from streaky patches. Just make sure that the colour suits you or go with an option that you’ve tried before.

  1. Prevent diseases

If you are allergic or have chances to catch a cold too quickly, talk to your GP to know how you can prevent it. You don’t want your nose running during your wedding or have flare-ups. Take the necessary measures to stay healthy.

  1. Follow a skin routine

Most of us have blackheads, hormonal spots on the chin, and more. You can use a salicylic acid product to beat such condition from your skin. It helps you exfoliate and clear the pores. The acid gives you an anti-inflammatory effect and works well on inflamed blemishes. Acne treatment gels often come with salicylic acid and only need a topical appliance. Most of these suit sensitive skin and unclogs blocked pores.

  1. Exfoliate

You need to exfoliate at least four times before your wedding day, so go ahead with once a week. Make face packs with home remedies and keep your makeup at bay. Try to go low with superficial ways or looking pretty and try out kitchen ingredients for a better effect. Take help from friends and relative as a bride-to-be mustn’t be doing bridal care alone!

  1. Cut the stress

We know it is tough and you are all anxious for the big day, but you need to find ways to cut the stress. You might want to watch cartoons or play video games or pick up your favourite book. Have warm cups of coffee and listen to good music to relax your mind. Follow up brushing every morning with a few quick yoga asanas and then meditate for 10 minutes. All of these will help you cut the stress and stay happy.

  1. Hair care

You can’t miss out on hair care as that is one of the best body accessories that you can flaunt! Make sure to regularly oil your hair, and use natural shampoos and conditioners for your hair. Go in for a hair spa at least two times before your wedding day, so make it a bi-weekly routine. Make sure you tie up your hair before going to sleep so that it doesn’t mess up or damage. (energycouncil.com) Take good care to promote the growth of falling strands.

Nail and toe care with manicure and pedicure are add-ons that you have to consider too. Make sure you eat well and healthy so that you bring out the natural glow. If you follow these for 30 days, you’re sure to find a new you and make your man fall in love with your again.

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