How to Have a Wedding on a Budget
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How to Have a Wedding on a Budget

Not every millennial stick to idea of shedding heaps of their inheritance on a wedding. They’d rather burden their parents or spend up all their savings on the big day. Some couples wish to go low, have their closest people around, and plan a larger than life honeymoon instead. One big cost that you can save up is by not hiring event managers to organize things for you. Check out some tips to plan the perfect wedding on your own:

  1. Make a budget

You need to set a budget and set the limit beyond what you wouldn’t go for the wedding. All the costs need to stay within and that helps you take the steps ahead. Discuss this with your partner as you’re in this together and prioritize the events accordingly.

  1. Know your priorities

There are some things you can’t compromise on – say the rituals and all that you need to arrange for those. However, you don’t necessarily need to hire a DJ to get grooved up or spend hefty on photographers. You can ask your friends to help out in terms of capturing images and playing the most suitable songs during the events.

  1. Focus on your style

Don’t go bonkers on picking styles that you have seen celebrities take up. We understand the fan girl/boy feeling, but your wedding should be about your style. Pick the kind of clothes that suit your style, comfort and suit the type of wedding you’re going to have. The traditions leave an impression anyway, you simply need to add your own touch and get your attire tailored.

  1. Get organized

There are tons of apps and software that can help you get organized. From Excel Sheets to Google Docs – choose the tools that suit you to organize yourself. List all your priorities and set their budget according to the main budget. From particular events to shopping, go step by step and follow the right order.

  1. Select a theme

Let us suppose you don’t want the wedding day to have the most expensive decor. However, you can choose a theme that helps you make the day look festive. It can be related to particular colours or look like a periodic set. You need to choose prep up accordingly.

  1. Have an on-site wedding

Maybe you always wished to have a beach wedding and you also have a budget for it. However, when you chose an off-site location it increases your cost. A banquet will come with amenities like dining space, washroom, and so on. When you’re choosing an off-site, you need to get these arranged and that increases your cost.

  1. Use vendors you vibe with

Marriage is not a business, so keep away from people who make you feel so. Build a team of people that give you positive vibes and are happy to serve you. See if your vision matches and you have a good connect with them. At no point in your wedding diaries, you should have a negative thing to write about on how it all went.

  1. Consider places with food

There are lovely banquets and hotels that don’t charge you for the space but only keep the per plate cost high. They also have a minimum amount of people that you need to order food for, and it eases out the process – you get a good place and good food. Many times, these places offer you services in terms of decor, music, and more. These make the perfect wedding venue for the millennials!

  1. Invest in jewellery

Spend money in assets that will stay with you for long. You can naturalize them in other ways later on. Rather than spending more of what you wear, spend on the jewellery. Buy perfect platinum or gold rings that stay with you through your happy married life and also invest in the ones you’d wear on your special day.

  1. Know your guests lists

There are weddings where thousands of people are invited, and some don’t even know the bride or groom personally. Families are often compelled to call people just to maintain cordial relationships with the people they know. If you’re planning to get married in a low budget or simply with your own money, you should skip such consideration.

Marrying around the people you know gives you much more pleasure than being judged by so many who really don’t care. Think about your dire times and the people who’d actually be by your side. If you don’t think some would, maybe they shouldn’t go up the list too!

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