How to buy the perfect pair of wedding shoes?
Wedding Shoes

How to buy the perfect pair of wedding shoes?

Wedding shoes have to be as perfect as Cinderella got the chosen ones! Many of us spend so much time trying to think what to wear that we don’t attend our feet cover. Don’t wait for the last minute to buy your wedding shoes. You should be sure of the product you buy and figure out if it aches your feet or not. The last thing you’d want to deal with after a hectic day is aching ankles and blisters.

Choosing the perfect wedding shoe

Here is the perfect guide to finding your Cinderella shoe before getting hitched with your Prince Charming:

  1. Bigger isn’t always better

If you are not comfortable or regular with wearing stilettos or any 7-inch long heel, don’t try these out! You should stay safe by going with 3-inch long heels at the most. It gives you a comfortable height and doesn’t snap the ankles in half. If you are a tall woman, you should stand tall and proud anyway and wear flats instead. Make sure you try it out with your partner and see how you both look by each other.

  1. Try to buy strapped ones

Wedding shoes should be flexible and have good wear ability. It should offer the right level of stability and keep you comfortable. It should help you move and groove and support your wedding attire. Picking shoes that have a secured heel hold or strap will stick to your foot and keep you in balance. If you choose to wear heeled shoes higher than the ones you usually do, you must choose a strapped pair.

  1. Don’t go for fancy shoes

You’d want to wear fancy shoes even when you see your wedding dress cover it up. We want our wedding look to be extravagant and it is fine to fall in love with a crystal encrusted pair. However, we think you should consider the comfort level along with the style. You should carry a piece of the fabric if not the entire dress and see what matches your feet. Invest in a pair of shoes that not only looks goods but will also not be a one-time wear.

  1. Get the right size

You should try out several sizes to make sure what suits you best. Don’t just wear one size and feel that it is perfect. Try out one size smaller and one size bigger to your exact size to be sure of the comfort level. Although you’d want to walk like Cinderella you don’t want to lose a shoe or hurt your feet.

  1. Consider the time

The season and the time you have your wedding are important considerations too. If you’re marrying in a really cold place, you might have to reconsider the shoes you choose. After all, we have to protect our feet at first, to not catch a cold. If you are having a wedding during the summer months, you should go light and comfy. The wedding hours can also impact what shoes you buy just as it will impact what you wear.

  1. Use them in the house

Of course, you wouldn’t wear our wedding shoes outdoor before the main day, but you should wear them indoors. It makes you comfortable and lets you adjust. If you face initial soreness, it will reduce before the main day. Once you wear a pair of shoes for a couple of times, it doesn’t hurt you that much. However, we’d ask you to still choose shoes that don’t hurt you at any point in time.

Note that happy feet mean a happy bride! You will not like to have bruises and pain during your wedding. Ask your friends and families to help you out choose the perfect pair. You should try to get a pair that has padding and that will give you the ultimate difference.

Finally, you should also consider matching your shoes with your partner. If you are going color coordinated for your wedding, you should also coordinate the shoes. There are many shoemakers who customize shoes for brides and grooms, so you must explore their work and see if you’d like them. Make sure they are comfortable and then give you the right level style.

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