Why airbrush makeup is best for the new-age bride?

Why airbrush makeup is best for the new-age bride?

The brides of today love to go light on makeup so that their bridal look doesn’t overshadow their natural beauty. How do you plan to do get such a look if you don’t know the right option to choose?

Airbrush makeup is the revolutionary formula that blends in both traditional and light makeup together. The makeup type needs you to use an airbrush stylus and air compressor, which is similar to applying spray tan but much lighter than that too. It falls on your skin like mist and needs a thin foundation below. Airbrush makeup covers freckles and blemishes even if it is thin, so you get all the benefits.

Why choose airbrush makeup for the bridal look?

Check out why every bride of the 21st century wishes to have an airbrush makeup:

     1. Hygienic

Neither do you touch the airbrush makeup nor does the stylus need to touch you! It prevents dirt from oil and bacteria and is perfect for women who are prone to pimples. The stylus is quick, easy to clean, and absolutely reusable.

     2. The natural look

You might want a sheer or full makeup – either way, your skin will look way more natural than traditional makeup. It will not show brush marks or smudge across the skin. In other words, it doesn’t make your face have a caked-up look and brings out the best of your facial features.

     3. Light and breathable

Airbrush makeup feels like you don’t have anything on your skin. It doesn’t grease like traditional makeup and has fewer chances to block the pores. If you have a sensitive or pimple-prone skin, you must choose airbrush makeup.

     4. Longevity

Wedding rituals are definitely going to take a lot of time and of course, there are no scenes of retouching. One major reason why brides nowadays want to have the airbrush makeup is that it stays for a long time. Even the quality products you buy can last you up to two years once you open. Traditional makeup usually lasts for one year. Finally, you also need minimal makeup that makes your product last longer anyway.

Airbrush makeup
Airbrush makeup

     5. Helps you match colours

There are many types of airbrush makeup options available in the market and every brand will offer you different shades. You need to choose the one that suits your skin tone so that you get the natural look.

     6. Great to contour

Airbrush makeup helps you build up the look with thin layers. You need to allow every layer to dry up (which happens quickly) and then gradually build your look. You will find a constant release of the product from stylus and that helps you distribute the makeup all across the skin. Airbrush is also great to contour due to the same reason.

     7. Perfect for images

Are you worried about how your makeup will change the look in your wedding photos? Airbrush will give you the perfect glow in the most natural way. It is used by most celebrity makeup artists because it offers perfect camera-worthy images.

Things to consider when doing airbrush makeup:

  • The cost of getting airbrush makeup done will be more expensive than the traditional makeup. It is best to buy yourself a set for your wedding, get the makeup done by a makeup artist, and keep it for your use later on. If you ask a makeup artist to use their airbrush makeup kit, the one-time expenditure will be pricey. However, since it is your wedding, you must look perfect!
  • You cannot ask anybody to do the bridal makeup with an airbrush. People who don’t know how to use airbrush makeup professionally might not be able to give you the perfect look.
  • You need to be specific when choosing the perfect colour tone for your skin type. There can be minimal colour options from some brands and you need to choose among them. Ask your makeup artist to suggest and also if he can blend colours to bring out the right look.

In an overall, the benefits of airbrush makeup are quite a lot compared to old ways of makeup. Try this out and see it yourself. We recommend you to go for a trial before the wedding day so that you are sure about the look at that time.