When It Is the Florist Booking, You Need To Consider These Things

When It Is the Florist Booking, You Need To Consider These Things

Booking the florist for the wedding day is a challenging task. Lots of confusion comes on the way of the task. Which flower to choose, which bouquet is perfect, which centrepiece should be matching- it is about so many things?

To ease out your task of booking the florist, this blog can be a great use. Here is a guide to help you how to book a florist for the wedding. After all, it is the wedding day and lots of different tasks need to be looked after. Follow these tips and surely this would help you in so many ways.

Some basic questions to ask out the florist

First, ask the florist some of the following questions:

  • Is the wedding date available for the florist?
  • Do the florist is having any other appointments too?
  • How much familiar is the florist with the site where the wedding would be arranged
  • Who will be doing the floral works for the wedding? If any other florist would be doing, then is that person skilled enough to meet the expectations.
  • When the bouquets and the flowers decorations are made? How are they kept fresh for the final day?
  • What are the steps that the florist follows to do the task within time?

On getting satisfactory answers of these questions, you can book the florist. Now comes other queries which you need to clear out with the florist. This can be the concern of mainly the clients rather than the florist. But discussing these things would clear out many things:

  • What is the minimum budget that you have limited? Share the budget with the florists to know about the detailed decorations
  • How the decoration of your wish can be managed within your budget?
  • Whether the florist offers some customized designs, so that you can add something with the designs they show.

Factors considered finding out the best florists

Now a day, there are lots of florists in the market. Choosing the best among them can make your task critical. Hence consider these factors to know about the florists:

  • For how many years they have been into the business of flowers and being the florist
  • How many weddings they have undergone the decorations
  • Ask out for the portfolio of the weddings decorations that they have done before.
  • Ask out for some references that they would like to share for their recommendations.
  • If working with the team, what is the experience and skills of the team members?

These questions can be asked to know about the florist. Even you can look up to various decorations that they have done before. In case you are really confused about the decorations, then they can be helping you as an image sample. Also, you can discuss and share the designs much prominently when shown in images or pictures. After considering these things, you can get the best florist booked for your wedding.

After all, it is the final day celebration, so no mistakes are granted on that particular day, especially with decorations.

It is all about the payments

So these are all about the things that you may or may not ask. In case you hire any florist whom you know to be best, then you may not to ask them these questions. But what you cannot miss asking are:

  • Payment methodologies and delivery charges
  • Any extra charges for some extra inclusion while decorating
  • Do you have to pay any extra fees like in form of taxes
  • Do they charge anything extra after the task is done or it is what they say before
  • What about the percentage of advance that they should be paid
  • When the final payment should be done
  • When can you finalize the order
  • What are the terms and conditions for cancellations of the order
  • What are refund policies for the cancellation?

These are the very important question that you need to clear out at first. This would eradicate various confusions which are normally created later on.


Florists are all good and they decorate with flowers, which itself is good. Whatever are the decorations flowers make a place look beautiful? It is a good option to stick to the seasonal flowers as they would be fresh for longer periods. Hope, the rest would be fine.

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