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Reasons to Get Flowers from a Local Florist in Williams Lake BC

A lot of people love receiving flowers. Their freshness, beauty, and fragrance leave us with positive vibes, and on several occasions, flowers are the most appropriate gift. When you want to purchase flowers, it is good to get them from a local shop. There are various florists in Williams Lake, and patronizing them is simply a way to support the community. Additionally, local florists offer fresh blooms and excellent customer service. They can also help you choose a suitable flower for the person you want to give it to. That’s not all; there are many other reasons to shop from a local florist in Williams Lake BC.

There’s No Middleman

When you want to send flowers to someone outside your area, you may decide to check online floral stores in that person’s location. Now, most people think that online stores have physical shops in different areas that work out the delivery of flowers to doorsteps. That is entirely wrong because online retailers do not have actual flowers.

They receive your order, charge you high fees, then send the order to an actual local florist, who creates the flower arrangement. So you can see that most online stores and those running them do not know so much about flowers because they are not florists. They only provide customization and various options on the website to enable you to state your preference. However, you are simply dealing with people who take floral orders.

If you walk into a local floral store, you will meet with the florist. They will not just take your order but also help you decipher what you want. Afterward, they will prepare the bouquet on the spot according to your preferred arrangement. You can visit https://www.williamslakeflorist.com to get floral arrangement inspirations.

Florists are not salespeople waiting at call centers for customers to call and place orders. They are essential members of the community, practicing the flower trade.

What You Pay  For is What You Get

What You Pay For is What You Get

There are different grades of blooms, which means you will get them at different prices. This explains why you can get roses at $20 in some stores, but they cost double that price elsewhere. The quality of a flower and the stem length determine the grade of a flower.

Sometimes, stores import flowers, so you may not be able to tell where the flower came from. But when you buy from local florists, they can tell you first-hand the origin of the species. Some local florists grow flowers, and if they don’t, they can still tell you where they purchased them.

These florists care about you as much as they care about their business. As a result, they sell higher-grade flowers. When you buy a high-grade bouquet, you will be proud of the choice you made. Also, you will leave memorable impressions on the person who received the gift.

The Bouquet Stays Fresh

Some people complain that their bouquet wilted and died within 2 to 3 days after purchase. Here’s some bitter truth: big box stores like selling bouquets; but do they really understand what it takes to maintain the inventory? Flowers require proper storage to stay fresh, and the costs associated with this activity are on the high side.

Therefore, to reduce costs, retailers buy bouquets that have lost their luster and then try to sell them immediately. For instance, a fresh rose should last about 1 to 3 weeks when you purchase it. If you purchase one that has spent more time in the shop, it would last 2 to 3 days. 

In the end, you discover that you paid the complete price for a bouquet that didn’t last. The retailer won while you lost. But when you patronize local florists in Williams Lake, it is a win-win situation. You are happy with your shopping experience and the florists make profits. You can click here to get tips for keeping your flowers fresh after delivery.

No Hidden Fees

Buyers most times overlook the additional costs when purchasing from online stores. They do not even realize that the retailer is ripping them off because no fees are mentioned. However, in the real sense, you are paying shipping fees and “finder’s fees”. They also include their commissions in the total amount you will pay.

In this case, you do not know how much the real florist will receive. Let’s say you paid $80, but the florist got $50. This implies that you paid $30 in fees. So, while you’re thinking your loved one got a bouquet worth $80, you would be disappointed when you discover what really happened.

Furthermore, some retailers up-charge on their sales by charging extra for vases. If you do not pay for a vase, the flowers will arrive in a box, and the receiver will have to arrange them. On the contrary, local florists provide vases and create lovely arrangements.

Better Service

When you walk into a florist store in Williams Lake, you meet a real florist, know them by name, and get to see various floral arrangements; you are building a one-on-one relationship with them. Whether the bouquet is for a birthday or funeral, they care so much because you are their neighbor. They do not want to ruin their relationship with you, so they offer top-notch services. 

Additionally, there will be more occasions, such as weddings, when you will need flowers. Your local florist already has a relationship with you, so they know your taste and preference. They will always be there to meet your needs, leaving you satisfied after every purchase.

Online retailers, on the other hand, will not relate with you that way. Sometimes, they may mess up your order even after you’ve paid exorbitant shipping fees for express delivery. The only thing you can do is to send a complaint ticket or try to call customer service. In return, you will get an apology, but the order will either arrive late or in terrible condition.

Local florists will go out of their way to fix logistics problems. You do not even need to call twice because they care about you. 

Final Thoughts

Local florists put in so much effort to give clients a rewarding and memorable floral experience. They like knowing their clients, so they can offer the best service as a personal florist. Also, when you shop locally, you will receive high-grade blooms, as well as enrich your community.

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