How to Buy High Quality Loose Diamonds

Without overpaying, choosing a beautiful eye-catching diamond requires just a little input that involves narrowing down from the shape that most suits you to selecting from the high-quality options of the 4 Cs that`s Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat all of which play a major role in the beauty of a diamond.

Understanding The 4Cs

When looking at a diamond, the eye first catches a glimpse of the four main components which make up the whole structure and beauty of a loose diamond. The eye perceives a clear balance of all the characteristics including and not limited to Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. It’s important to research these 4Cs and get a clearer and much better understanding of them before purchasing since all have an impact on the final product and the value of the loose diamond.

Here is a closer look at the 4Cs


Cut relates to the angles, dimensions, and proportions of a polished diamond that help in determining the shape symmetry and both reflection and refraction of light on its surface. A diamond`s fire and beauty lie with its complexity with light, this is determined by how much light strikes the surface, how much enters in, and how much is drawn back to the eye. This aspect of the cut quality is very important since a well-cut diamond will have more brilliance and fire than that which is not and will essentially add more value to the stone.

There are many shapes that come as a result of the diamond cut. Some examples include,

  • Round Brilliant Cut.
  • Princess-Cut
  • Cushion-Cut
  • Oval-Cut and the 
  • Emerald-Cut.

The Round Brilliant Cut is by far the most popular and expensive of them all since it brings out the most incredible sparkle and flashes of color associated with its brilliance. It’s the most popular for Whiteflash diamond engagement rings and many other online retailers.


Color brings out the actual appearance of the diamond and refers to how clear or yellow the diamond is. Colors range from (D) which is colorless to (Z) representing light yellow. The color aspect cannot be overlooked since prices vary hugely based on this fact. Colorless diamonds are very scarce thus ranked higher on the grading scale than diamonds that have a touch of yellow on them.


This simply describes those tiny imperfections known as inclusions that diamonds have. According to the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes, with inclusions referring to the internal imperfections while blemishes meaning the external imperfections.


Simply implies the weight of a diamond and its general appeal. It’s a metric that measures the apparent weight of each diamond which is usually defined as 200 milligrams.

Online Retail

Online purchase gives the best value on a price lower than buying in a department store. If you`re thinking of buying a piece of engagement jewelry or diamond online, we recommend buying from the best and reputable online retailers at Pricescope.com instead of any traditional jewelry store. Here you get a wide variety to choose from a selection of certified diamonds.

Benefits of Selecting Loose Diamonds

From the vast variety of options available, choosing loose diamonds is a far much better option and comes with benefits which simply means that the diamond you are buying will match all your desired specifications, meet all the quality characteristics and from which you can choose your own setting and have it mounted on a customized piece.

 other benefits include 

  • The diamond holds more value as a final result of grading through which all 4 Cs have gone through considerable measure.
  • Buying online helps you select from certified diamonds.
  • Loose certified diamonds hold their value longer than those that are pre-set into other jewelry.
  • Assessment of quality is much easier since loose cut diamonds are easier to inspect

Factors to Consider When Buying

  • Having a budget is important since you can only buy what you can afford.
  • Choose a nice hard metal like platinum because it’s harder and brings longevity keeping that strong white color.
  • The setting of the stone is also important. Engagement rings are normally placed in a closed setting which allows a lot of light to come in through the stone and reflect light back up just as well.
  • In general, metals bring out a flashy beautiful ring as well as giving much protection to the stone.


This is commonly known as the fifth C in the diamond industry. It is a certificate from a third party and an independent laboratory confirming all the diamond specifications. The GIA ( Gemological Institute of America ), and the AGS (American Gemological Society) are the two most popular and reputable independent labs which most jewelers find reliable in the market due to their high technicality in quality analysis and formal laboratory grading and measurement.

Importance of Certification

  • This gives one assurance that they are getting value for their money from the purchase.
  • Certification from these two labs helps one get a peace of mind from an expensive purchase and avoids the possibility of getting ripped off.
  • Buyers get an unbiased opinion from the best grading laboratories in the world.
  • buyers also get exact clarity on the diamond specifications.
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