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How To Choose The Perfect Peonies For Your Wedding Bouquet

Peonies are a popular choice for spring weddings, and it’s not by chance. Whether already fully open and in their cute round bud shape, they always look good and bring a lot of volume to the arrangement. If you want to set incredible plush highlights with peonies at your wedding, we have just the right inspiration for Your Wedding Bouquet.

The soft, bushy flowers conjure up a romantic vintage look in the entire wedding decoration – whether in a large floral arrangement or individually in delicate vases. Peonies are trendy in combination with ranunculus and stile.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous flowers are usually only in season in May and June. But that also differs with weather conditions. Also, they are of exceptionally high quality, which can add quite a bit to the price of the arrangement if there are many peonies involved. A good substitute for the bulky type of rose is hydrangeas in pink or white, for example, because they have a similar effect.


Why Is a Peony the Right Choice for Your Wedding Bouquet?

Peonies make an excellent bouquet choice that leaves a lasting impression, and they are sure to look beautiful in your wedding photos. The fashionable sign of social status, peonies reign supreme in freshness and elegance. Brides looking for ways to make their bouquets unique opt for mixing wildflowers with elegant peonies for a powerfully high-class look with personality.
The honesty of the flowers that make up peony bouquets speaks to the purity of the sentiment. Whether you are looking for romantic peach tones, the “honest” white, or deep red hue, peonies are a thoughtful invitation to celebrate and share your deepest love.


Are you planning an elegant and meaningful nuptial in 2019? “The classic” white peony is a beauty that symbolizes all that love is made for – mind, body, and soul. Wedding bouquet decoration ideas demand the luxurious extravagance of feathers and bows – a peony bouquet will never disappoint. Choosing a peony for your wedding would be best because it symbolizes everlasting elegance.

The peony symbolizes vitality and long-lasting happiness. It’s gorgeous and is a great choice to use as the central rose of your wedding bouquet. The work she does? Peonies, pretty much like their reputation implies, indeed do work magic, especially in special events such as marriages and anniversaries primarily because they add joyous reminders of all the best times in one’s life.


Peonies are becoming a more popular choice for weddings because they have so many different uses and can be incorporated into almost any decor theme you desire! From somewhat classic looks to ultra-glam, peonies offer suitable floral arrangements that will match anyone and everyone’s taste palate…

People believe that the peony symbolizes love and understanding because the flowers are cut from their living stems. Peonies are native to China and Japan. This type of flower can grow in the harshest climates like zone 3, 4, and 5. They can also be grown epically well when mixed with other flowers like tulips, tuberose, or snapdragons.

According to The World Encyclopedia of Flowers by DK Publishing: “In China, many myths surround the peony as they are seen as a representation of female vitality.” Peonies have been a big part of weddings for centuries due to their beautiful intricate petals and long-lasting potential.


The Right Kind of Peonies to Use

Peonies are beautiful, luxurious flowers that seem impossible to get wrong. They come in a wide variety of color combinations, and the best time to buy them is all year round. This section will answer some questions about this colorful, delicate flower. First and foremost, there’s the question of color — do you want an apricot or plum? Or maybe a soft pink or pure white? No matter your taste when it comes to colors, you’re covered with peonies. Peonies also have different stem lengths for you to choose from (depending on what kind of flower arrangement you’re looking for and if you want them done in bulk), like you want bouquets, walls or centerpiece vases.

Your Wedding Bouquet

Peonies are a type of flower that is often used at weddings. They have different types and colors of petals. They have a lot of different use cases. There are four main types of peonies: Oriental, Japanese, China, and Mophead. Oriental peony is mostly used by floweriest in the wedding because of their sizes, boldness and elegance. They have large flowers with deep purple petals. Japanese peonies (also known as tree peonies) are slightly smaller than oriental ones, but they still make for beautiful bouquets and centerpieces due to their delicate white petals with pink edges. China peonies come in many different colors, such as reds, oranges, yellows, purples, whites, etc., but they all look equally beautiful.

One type is the Chinese peony with a double petal and long stem. These Chinese peonies are the best used as in the center of the bouquets because of their size and elegance. The other type of peony, called the Japanese or Korean peony, has a single petal and is smaller in size. Considered to be a luck charm and the symbol of love, peonies are often used in weddings to embellish behind individual place cards or holding the ceremony card signifying you and your partner. With so many options to choose from, where should a bride begin when looking at all of her options? This slideshow features 8 different color varieties of peony that provide flair as well as meaning.

Your Wedding Bouquet

What to Pay Attention To?

The flowers are quite large. If you don’t want a large, American-style bouquet, use them sparingly or use them on their own in different shades. Bouquets of just peonies underline the beauty of the flowers. In addition, the delicate petals of the peony are not crushed in the bouquet.

Timing is very important so that the peony in the bridal bouquet comes into its own—the warmer, the faster the heads bloom, which greatly increases the volume. As a bride, you should state in advance exactly how you want the flower to be: closed, half-open or utterly open so that the florist can plan the purchase of the flowers ideally. A mix also looks very nice.

In the height of summer, a peony can transform significantly throughout the day, from half-closed to fully open. Direct sunlight increases this effect. Therefore, the bridal bouquet should always be cool and rather dark before it is taken to the wedding ceremony.

Editor’s tip: a mix of semi-open and open flowers.


How Much Do Peonies Cost?

Depending on the quality and the offer period, the prices fluctuate. But you have to reckon with costs between $3 to $9 per stem. Therefore, the cost of a peony bouquet naturally depends on the number of flowers and primarily on the amount of work involved. You can usually get a bouquet of pure peonies from 175$.00.

Bouquets with many different high-quality flowers are more labor-intensive and usually cost between $200 and $250. Lavishly tied bouquets can contain between 60-100 fine stoles, increasing the amount of work.


Is There an Alternative to the Peony?

Before the peony season, it’s the fully bloomed, large ranunculus from Italy. Some outdoor roses with a romantic flower shape can be a substitute from July to onwards. Both variants are a great alternative. In terms of price, the difference between the peony is slight.

Editor’s tip: artistically designed roses are an elegant alternative to peonies.

Where to Find the Best Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet?

Organic flowers are an excellent choice for your wedding bouquet, but not all organic flowers are the same. Some of them need to be imported from other countries, while others are grown locally. I hope you find out how to choose the best peonies for your wedding bouquet in this article.

You might want to consider some of these options if you are looking for some great peony flowers for your wedding bouquet.
– Local flower farms might have great peony flowers.
– Grocery stores and markets might also have great peony flowers.
– Flowers from your local florist (Near me)


The best thing in arranging flowers in your wedding to find the peonies near you. Your local florist will be the best option to arranging your wedding décor rather than hiring from distance. So, before buying peonies flowers online, make sure that you know where to find them in your area. Peonies are the mostly used in wedding flowers arrangement, because they are available in verity of colors, shapes and sizes. Although they are bit expensive compare to other flowers but they look stylish and make your wedding memorable.

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