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Why Consider Moissanite As Your Engagement Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be one of the most significant decisions you can make. You’ll intend to keep the ring forever and wear it daily. It’s often considered a symbol of love and, currently, a symbol of standards. While diamonds have been always been the go-to choice, more and more people are opting for affordable options for their engagement rings.

Moissanite has risen in popularity as a common choice for engagement and wedding rings. This is due to Moissanite being beautiful, durable, and able to preserve its stunning looks for generations. It resembles a diamond but is far less cheap. To know more about Moissanite, click here.

Below is an outline of why to consider Moissanite as your engagement ring

  1. Resembles Diamond

Moissanite doesn’t have similar components to diamonds but has the same qualities. Even professionals have a hard time distinguishing between the two. The differences between Moissanite and diamond are minor and can be rarely noticed. Therefore, you can have a high-class look that diamond represents by choosing Moissanite for your engagement ring, but at a lower price.

2. Cheaper Than Diamond

You need to get an engagement ring that matches your budget. Moissanite is about 90% cheaper than similar diamond rings. They give a sparkly look and maintain their luster for years, saving you the money you would’ve spent on a diamond ring.

By choosing a Moissanite for your engagement ring, you can use your money to buy a necklace, wedding band, and earrings that go well together and cost cheaper than a diamond engagement ring alone. You can also save money for other wedding demands and expenses, like honeymoons and house deposits.

3. Harder Than Other Gems

Diamond stands as the hardest naturally occurring gem. Moissanite is the second hardest naturally occurring rock, rating about 0.25-0.5 lower than diamond on the Mohs scale. Therefore, Moissanite is typically harder than other hard stones such as Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphire.

Hardness is an essential aspect of ring selection since it’s synonymous with durability and scratch resistance. Other gems can last for a few years or decades. However, Moissanite can last for generations without losing its attractive touch due to its hardness.

4. Heat Resistant

Diamonds are known to start vaporizing at around 1,405° Fahrenheit (763° Celsius). Moissanite can withstand even greater heat, up to approximately 2,000° Fahrenheit (1,093° Celsius) before it vaporizes. Both gems can withstand the heat in a hot car or on a beach, but a jeweler’s torch has more intense temperatures ranging from 2,000° to 4,000° Fahrenheit. Moissanite can withstand the extreme temperatures of a jeweler’s torch during repairs.

5. Has More Brilliance, Lustre, And Fire Than Diamond

There are many factors to consider for a perfect engagement ring. However, most people go for the looks of the ring. A Moissanite has more sparkle than a diamond. You can see the lovely attributes of Moissanite when you look at the white and colored reflections from your ring when you move it under the light. You’ll see white sparkles (brilliance), colorful sparkles (fire), and general radiance (Lustre) that’s more than diamond.

Besides the visual effects, actual measurements have proven Moissanite to be better than a diamond. In terms of brilliance, Moissanite is around 2.65-2.69, with diamond having 2.42. When it comes to fire, Moissanite stands at 0.104 while diamond stands at 0.044. As for Lustre, Moissanite is at 0.204 while diamond is at 0.172.

Moissanite can also maintain its sparkle even when dirty. Other gems can look dull after getting muted by the build-up of natural oils and dirt, recommending constant maintenance to keep the flash. However, Moissanite is a low-maintenance gem that can remain sparkling even without cleaning it for a long time. (Xanax)

6. Rare Than Other Gems

Many believe that Moissanite was delivered directly from space to earth since it was first discovered at a meteorite crash site. This location typically remains the origin of this rare stone to date. Meteorite crash sites are in various locations across the globe, but not all have Moissanite.

Statistically, diamonds mined worldwide every year can weigh about 33 tons. On the other hand, it’s difficult to find enough natural-occurring Moissanite even to fill a shoebox every year when combined if you combine it all.


Everyone looks forward to getting a perfect and attractive engagement ring. A great ring stands as a sign of love and connects two lovers to their future love life. Many people dream of having a diamond ring. However, diamonds are costly and can take up a lot of money. A gem with similar characteristics to a diamond for your engagement ring is Moissanite. Moissanite is a good choice since it’s strong, durable, heat resistant, and has the identical beauty of diamonds. Moreover, it’s cheaper than diamond, hence can allow you to do other things with the money you save, including starting a family or purchasing a home with your partner.

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