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5 Romantic Ways To Propose This 2022

Popping the question is nerve-wracking for anyone. There are a lot of thoughts about how well the proposal will go and, most importantly, if the much-hoped-for “yes” will be attained.

Proposals are such dramatic moments that you need equally dramatic and creative ways to ask your partner if they want to spend the rest of their life with you. After all, the way you ask is just as important as what you’ll ask for.

However, there are many tried-and-tested ways to ask someone’s hand in marriage that you might feel overwhelmed thinking of what to do. If you’re looking for sweet, romantic, and slightly unique ways to propose, check these ideas out:

1.Pets as wingmen

poodle dog in love , proposing for marriage or wedding to groom with pink flower rose in mouth and engagement gold ring

Many people planning to propose often seek the help of a few friends as a helping hand or moral support. But if your pals are too busy on the big day, you could always have your pet take their place instead. Your furry friend can help by bringing the engagement ring tied to their collar. Who wouldn’t blush and gush at the sight of engagement rings, like the ones you’ll see when you click here, hanging from your dear puppy’s collar? (2)

There are also many other ways to pop the question with the helping paw of your pet. You can have your dog sit next to a sign that says ‘Will you marry my human?’ or have them carry the box in their mouth and give it to your partner. The possibilities are endless!

This method is charming and romantic, especially if animals matter a lot in your relationship. Don’t fret if you don’t have a dog though. Involving any pet you have—furry, feathered, or scaled—can make the proposal so much more unforgettable. (2)

2.With music

A man holding a ring and rose behind him about to give and propo

Many couples worldwide have gotten together because of their shared love of music. If you and your significant other got together because of the same favorite band or music genre, you must incorporate a song somewhere in your proposal.

Create a simple love song if you have a skill in composing or play your partner’s favorite music on guitar or piano. But if you’re unfortunately not blessed with musical talent, you could always have someone else play it. It’ll still mean so much to your significant other. A small choir or a brass band can perform the piece while you go down on one knee and present the ring. (1)

Proposing at a music festival or a concert has been done many times. But no one’s stopping you from doing it too. You could still take this opportunity to propose at the venue. (1)(2)

3.In a memorable place

Young man proposing to woman on his knee and giving gift box. Couple at winter sea beach

Indeed, you and your partner have that one special place you’ll always treasure in your heart. Why not propose marriage at the same spot where you first met or confessed your love for each other? You can even amplify the romance factor by reenacting your first date and remembering sweet and funny moments. You’ll also be at the right time and place to take photos on that particular day, perfect for Instagram posts of your engagement announcement. (1)(4)

Destination proposals are also quite popular among couples. You can go to that covetable vacation place which you and your partner have always wanted to visit. Once there, with the backdrop of mountains or the ocean, ask your significant other if they’ll marry you. They’re bound to say “yes”. After all, they’re in a magnificent outdoor venue with the love of their life. (3)(5)

4.Prepare a feast

Food is one of the love languages for many couples. You can never go wrong with offering your partner something to eat. You may have already heard of people hiding the engagement ring in cakes or other desserts. There’s no problem in going this route as it still makes for a great surprise. (4)

Proposing during or near the end of a meal is also a go-to method. It can be as fancy as a gourmet dinner cooked at home or a simple picnic at the park or beach. Your partner not only feasts on some good food but also gets a promise of a lifetime of love from you. (1)(2)


Involving any body of water—a river, lake, or even a massive fish tank—in a marriage proposal will make it truly memorable for your partner and everyone else witnessing the moment. But to make it work, you need to take several precautionary steps. For one, you don’t want to accidentally drop the ring in the water and lose it forever. Also, you’d want everything to go smoothly and safely. (2)

A trip to the ocean park or aquarium is also a magical place to propose. Request the divers or the resident mermaid to hold up a waterproof sign as you pop the ring and question out. You can also apply these extra tips in levelling up your proposal so that whichever body of water you decide to pop the question in, it’ll be a day or night to remember. (1)


A marriage proposal is an unrepeatable moment. You can make it a grand event or a lowkey and intimate one. What matters most is not the location or the way you propose, but the deep feelings you and your partner have which you’d like to share forever.


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