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Home Test For Pregnancy To Detect If You’re Pregnant Or Not

Becoming a mother is indeed one of the best blessings in a woman’s life. While the missing period is the first sign of pregnancy, you may do the home test for pregnancy. Before hitting off the hospital, it is advisable to take the pregnancy test at home. 

There are several kits available in the market, but many people have been following them for decades. There are several remedies that you may want to follow. The best way to detect pregnancy is to find the level of HCG in the body. However, many women consider choosing the natural way. 

Are there benefits of doing the tests? 

The home test for pregnancy is the initial step. If you notice the first sign of pregnancy, make sure to take the test. Many people have an unplanned pregnancy and tend to hide it. If your main aim is to hide pregnancy without anyone noticing it, you should take homemade supplies. 

The homemade supplies can be of great help. There are several ingredients that you can choose for pregnancy tests. It is necessary to be in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, if you are using any supply, make sure to check the expiry date. This will play an essential role in determining pregnancy. 

What is the home test for pregnancy? 

If you want to take a home test for pregnancy, you need to start from the basics. Some of the best ways for the home test for pregnancy include the following:

Bleach pregnancy test

A bleach pregnancy test is considered to be the most valid pregnancy test. Furthermore, it will provide you with a fast result. You should collect some urine in a clean container and add bleaching powder to it. 

Home Test For Pregnancy
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Once you add the bleaching powder, you should mix it properly to prevent lumps. If the mixture forms foam or even fizz, it is an indication that you’re pregnant. However, if you do not observe any foam, it means you aren’t pregnant. 

Salt Pregnancy Test

Almost every kitchen shelf will have salt. If you want to take a pregnancy test at home, make sure to collect the urine sample in the morning. Once you collect the sample in a container, you can add salt to it. 

Make sure to conduct the salt in a glass. After adding a pinch of salt, you need to wait for three minutes. If the white clumps start forming, it means you are pregnant. However, if you are not pregnant, there will be no reaction. 

Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar pregnancy is the easiest method. If there are no scientific kits available, you should consider taking a sugar pregnancy test. Initially, you need to collect urine in a container, but you can pour it into a bowl. (Provigil)  

Home Test For Pregnancy
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Add some sugar to the urine. If you notice the reaction between sugar and urine, it means you are pregnant. The sugar will start forming lumps on coming in reaction with salt. But if you are not pregnant, the sugar will dissolve very quickly. 

The body releases HCG hormone in the urine. As a result, if you are pregnant, sugar will not dissolve. 

Mustard powder pregnancy test

If your period is delayed by a week and you suspect a pregnancy, you can consider taking a mustard powder pregnancy test. The mustard powder pregnancy test is one of the most reliable pregnancy tests at home. You can pour ¾ cup of mustard powder into a bathtub. However, you don’t need to use urine this time but warm water. 

The mustard powder will help to generate heat in the body. As a result, if you’re not pregnant, your period will begin after waiting for some time. It is necessary to wait for around 20 minutes in the mixture. The period will arrive in two to three days. If it still doesn’t arrive, it is a sign that you’re pregnant. 

Toothpaste pregnancy test

Toothpaste and pregnancy test- although this doesn’t sound the same, it is one of the most important factors to consider. If you’re taking the toothpaste pregnancy test, you are flexible in choosing any toothpaste. However, make sure to determine that the toothpaste is white. 

Home Test For Pregnancy
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Take some toothpaste in a container and add the urine sample. If you are pregnant, the toothpaste will change its color. Furthermore, it will also become frothy on reaction. On the other hand, if you aren’t pregnant, you will not notice any change. 

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar will play an important role in speeding up pregnancy tests. If you’re considering taking a pregnancy test with vinegar, you should use white vinegar. 

You might as well use a plastic container to do this test. Add a few drops of urine to the plastic container and then add vinegar. Mix it thoroughly. If the mixture forms bubbles and changes its color, it is a sign that you’re pregnant. Nonetheless, if there are no changes or reactions, you aren’t pregnant. 

Baking soda pregnancy test

The mixture of baking soda and urine will help you determine if you’re pregnant or not. When you mix baking soda and urine, it will form reactions. This will be possible only if you’re pregnant. 

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If you’re pregnant, you will observe bubbles in the soda bottle. However, if you aren’t pregnant, you will not notice any symptoms. 

Why should you take the pregnancy test? 

Even when you’re not sure, you should keep a check on symptoms. If you ever observe any unwanted symptom, it can be a sign that you’re pregnant. Some of the common signs that will make you want to take the pregnancy test include the following:

  • You miss your period by a week. 
  • You are constantly suffering from cramps. 
  • Feeling different such as nauseous and food aversions. 
  • Your breasts will hurt. 
  • Your contraception isn’t working. 

Final Thoughts

Sexually active women in their reproductive years are capable of being pregnant. You must keep a check on the symptoms. Honestly, even if you are pregnant, you may not come to know about it. Furthermore, even after using contraception and protection, you can become pregnant. Therefore, take all the tests respectively to confirm your pregnancy. 

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