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The Best Smartwatches for Women: A Comprehensive Guide

For women, a smartwatch isn’t only a smart device, but also a styling accessory. In this case, these devices must have a specific style, a good price, and up-to-date features. The models described in this article will for sure be perfect for any person, not just for women. But these specific ones have characteristics like health tools and wrist-friendly sizes, which will benefit women more. Even if some of them work better with smartphones, all of Smartwatches for Women are the best ones on the market you can buy now.

From performant fitness trackers or management sleep apps to a fashion statement accessory, a Smartwatches for Women can have diverse functions. Some of the models even have LTE, a feature that lets you communicate from your wrist. 

The list below combines the best technological creations with stylish fashionable devices as Smartwatches for Women, helping you find the right smartwatch for you.  

Apple Watch Series 6

If you’ve recently tried an online casino play for real money and made a profit, we have an idea for you. A great investment in yourself is a quality smartwatch, more specifically Apple Watch Series 6.

Being the best smartwatch for people overall, Apple Watch Series 6 is the ultimate device for women overall. Among other important incremented health features, this watch offers a built-in cycle tracking app. Apple upgraded their already famous previous Series 5 and added an even brighter screen with a blood oxygen reader. And for the first time, Apple Watch comes in color. Now, women can choose from exclusive blue or red products, both of them being beautiful.

Even though the battery didn’t expand its 18-hour life, the new Series 6 has a faster charging speed. In only 90 minutes, the smartwatch is fully charged and ready to go for the whole day. Also, thanks to the watchOS 7, Series 6 comes with the best apps and sleep tracking performance. 

Garmin Lily 

If you’re tired of the bulky design of smartwatches and want something stylish, with a lightweight design, the Garmin Lily is perfect for you. Even though it’s not made to be a sports watch, it’s a great choice for women who are not into the traditional smartwatch look.

The feeling that it’s barely there makes it easier to wear in casual meetings. The big plus in this watch is its patterned lens, which doesn’t obstruct its display. If you want something that does look like a piece of jewelry, Garmin Lily is the best choice for you.

Also, for female users, this smartwatch offers menstrual cycle tracking and a pregnancy tracking guide. These two features come with the watch so that it will give the women a complete overview and report of their sexual health. 

Although this device is not compatible with the Garmin Connect IQ app store, the pre-installed apps that come from the start are sufficient.

Timex Metropolitan R

Although is not one of the most popular smartwatches on the market, Timex Metropolitan R is a very solid option at a very competitive price. This model has all the functionality every woman needs, with an incredible 2 weeks battery life. Its AMOLED display can be customized with more than 20 dial designs and the strap can also be changed. 

The Gorilla Glass lens makes it perfect for many activities where it’s important for the device to not break. Its features include sleep tracking, incorporated GPS, optical heart rate sensor, and many more. Its niche hybrid design is also a plus, the creators of Timex bringing a fresh stylish twist to the analog watch. 

For the women that don’t have that most time in their hands and need to always be on track, this watch is for you. Not only that, but you’ll wear a traditional watch while having all the new device features, all at your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has already won the smart devices market, and with this model, dedicated to women, it will for sure make a fuss. This Samsung Watch works with any Android smartphone and also has a GPS and good addition to watches, LTE. Like its other contestants in this top, this watch can also track sports activity and sleeping.

When it comes to design, the circular look is familiar and visually appealing, no matter what model you choose from. You’ll also be able to choose different finishes that best match your style and fashion sense. Because it is based on Samsung’s operating system, you can add all its apps and features. (modafinil online cheap) For starters, you can use Samsung Pay, Spotify, and many mode health apps. Also, you can opt for a model which includes ECG monitoring, for a more detailed health report.

Fitbit versa 3

If you’re looking for the best smartwatch for sleep tracking, Fitbit Versa 3 is here for you. Being the next generation after the already popular Fitbit Versa 2, this smartwatch continues to be a high-end device for women. Its greatest update is the onboard GPS. Anywhere you’ll be, Versa can track your location even with outdoor exercise. (  

Fitbit Versa 3 is already a perfect solution for women who are into sports and a healthy lifestyle. The new feature, Active Zone Minutes, monitors the intervals in which you burn fat or do cardio, while exercising. In this way, you’ll obtain more easily the recommended 150 minutes of Active zone for each week. 

The Fitbit Versa 3 also comes with phone calls and voice assistant possibilities. But you need to know that only one smart assistant can be enabled at once. Last but not least, its improved display, compared to Versa 2, it’s definitely a reason why this is a top smartwatch for women.


To match your needs and style, you have a wide range of smartwatches for women to choose from. With that in mind, you can always opt for the smart solution, like a watch from the same company that you have a phone. But that does not mean that the other devices won’t link with your phone. Another important step is finding one right for your wrist, which will mean that you have to try every model you’re interested in.

Even if you’ll take one for the more sports style, or you just want a casual comfy watch to match your style, don’t forget that a smart accessory is a wise asset in your day to day clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the best smartwatches for women?

Ans: Some of the best smartwatches for women include the Apple Watch Series 6, Fitbit Versa 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, Garmin Venu, and Fossil Gen 5.

Q2: What makes these smartwatches ideal for women?

Ans: These smartwatches offer a combination of stylish designs, feminine aesthetics, and a wide range of features tailored to women’s preferences, such as menstrual cycle tracking, pregnancy tracking, and wellness features.

Q3: Can I customize the straps of these smartwatches?

Ans: Yes, most of these smartwatches come with interchangeable straps, allowing you to personalize the look and match it with your style and outfit.

Q4: Do these smartwatches offer fitness tracking features?

Ans: Yes, all of the mentioned smartwatches are equipped with robust fitness tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, step counting, sleep tracking, and workout tracking for various activities.

Q5: Are these smartwatches compatible with smartphones?

Ans: Absolutely. The mentioned smartwatches are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, ensuring seamless integration and synchronization with your device for notifications, calls, and app functionalities.

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