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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Wigs

Fashion, hair loss, or work demands — there could be multiple reasons to opt for wigs for women. The modern-day women’s human hair wigs are not heavy or inconvenient, at least anymore. Instead, they are now super comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and come in various colors, sizes, and hairstyles. If you are thinking of buying one, this blog will guide you on things you should know before making your first purchase online or Buying Wigs.

Hair type

There are two types of wigs which are synthetic and human hair wigs with each having their own benefits. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled, tend to hold their shape, and are light on the pocket. With that said, human hair wigs give a much more natural look, can be styled or colored just like natural hair, and are more durable overall. However, because they use real human hair that needs to be ethically sourced, they are usually significantly more expensive than synthetic wigs for women.


Your face shape is one factor that can determine which hairstyle or length will look more natural on you. Oval faces, in general, compliment just about every length and style. A round face looks more natural with chin-length cuts or a longer length with a fuller crown. The same is preferred for those with square-shaped faces. Short hair looks flattering on people with a rectangular face, meanwhile. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to these lengths, but the great thing about wigs is you can customize them to get the length you desire.

Color for Buying Wigs

Wigs are available in a number of hair colors on the market. Some prefer a soft look while others go for a vibrant one. Choosing the wig color primarily depends on the purpose of your wig. If it is for a role, fashion statement, or you just want to switch things up, you can opt for lively colors. But if it is for daily use or to appear more natural, it is better to go for the one that compliments your skin tone, eye color, and hair. More than anything, get one that is close to your natural hair color.


Everyone has a different-sized head, so it’s important to get a wig that has the exact measurements of your own head. Not doing this will not only increase the risk of your wig not being comfortable on your scalp, but will also make your wig look very unnatural on your head. For those who prefer to keep it a secret, this is not ideal. So with that said, check the measurements of the wigs and measure your own head. If you don’t find one with your measurements, look to order custom human hair wigs Canada and provide your measurements.

How To Measure Your Head Size For A Custom Full Cap Wig


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