Best places for destination weddings and why

Best places for destination weddings and why

If you’ve always wanted a destination wedding but didn’t know which one to choose, we are here for help. You might want to exchange vows on a tropical beach or choose a royal Indian palace. You can also wish to marry in snowy winters of Britain or choose a lakeside view during the summers. We have shortlisted the best places where you can plan your destination wedding, and they are given below:

  1. Caribbean

We’re sure you didn’t expect this one to be on top of our list, but it definitely is the most exotic options. Wedding friendly islands like St. Martin, Turks, Caicos, Cayman Islands, and St. Lucia are perfect. The most prime location is on the Seven Mile Beach and is quite a popular place for weddings. You simply need to pre-book the Grand Cayman Marriot Beach Resort and they will take care of everything you need.

  1. Mexico

It is hard to beat Mexico when you’re looking at the best beach wedding options across the globe. We have handpicked the Baja California coast to offer you a lovely beach wedding. The Resort at Pedregal gives you the perfect secluded beach with bright sunsets and soaring cliffs around. It is one of the romantic places you can marry and is perfect when you’re planning an intimate wedding. (Tramadol)

  1. India

If you want to get married like a prince or a princess, you must choose the location of Udaipur in India. There are regal palaces that allow you to carry out the pious ceremony and the best one being Umaid Bhavan. Miss World and globally acclaimed actress Priyanka Chopra, is all set to marry her beau Nick Jonas, in this larger than life location.

  1. Las Vegas

If you’re more of a city person and want to get married in a place that you’d most relate to – Las Vegas could be your option. Starry-eyed couples have always wanted to come over to this fun place that makes their wedding feel more like the ultimate party. The best place to marry is at Four Seasons Las Vegas. It gives you views of the Strip and offers complete access to Mandalay Bay Resort.

  1. Italy

Popularized by Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone, Italy is definitely one of the places we had to add. While one of her contemporaries recently got married in Borgo Finocchieto, Tuscany, we’ve taken inspiration from Deepika and added Lake Como to the list. It is an upscale resort in the Lombardy region and is perfectly set against the foothills of Alps. It homes Renaissance architectural style and there is a funicular that makes way to the town of Brunate.

  1. Greece

There are plenty of places in Greece that you can choose, depending upon your interests – say history or beaches. We’ve chosen Mykonos to be the perfect fairy-tale wedding that anyone can ever have. From the scenery of the Cyclades and the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, from the rocky cliffs to the cobalt waters, this place is one of the stunning options you can choose.

  1. Colorado

Colorado offers us some of the most diverse landscapes and lovely backdrops for weddings. However, if you want to have a white snowy wedding, this can be the ideal option for that too. The Estes Park at Colorado during the winters is pristinely beautiful for the lovers of cold climate. Della Terra gives you a magical experience amidst the Rocky Mountains that are covered with snow. If you are looking for tranquility during the snowy months, this is perfect for you.

  1. Spain

If you’re more of a lover of the countryside of Europe, you can choose Spain as your wedding destination. The Private Villa at Sotogrande is an amazing place to have an intimate wedding with your close ones. It is a lovely estate that comes with a garden, a magical pool, patios, and best accommodation facilities. The place takes you one hour to reach from Malaga airport and 30 minutes from Gibraltar airport.

Now, that you have the finest list of places where you can get married, check out the one that suits you best. Note that these places will vary in terms of cost, accommodation, and facilities. When having a destination wedding, it is essential to make sure that you get everything arranged according to the rituals. There are several aspects to cater to and it is best to take help from event managers. No matter where you decide to marry, make sure you do a complete research and know what all to expect.

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