Avoid Oops! Moment in Wedding

Avoid Oops! Moment in Wedding

Oh! It’s your friend’s wedding! There are so much you to be done in this massive affair. Well, however glistening and shinny a wedding may look from outside, is it really that lustrous? The truth is, behind the glamorous scenes of wedding there are a lot of sweat of many. In fact, the sweat that you shed for the purpose of the wedding will count on the wedding day.

Sadly, most times there are some affairs that go absolutely wrong. You have to keep in mind that just like the bride and the groom complement each other, similarly the whole wedding should gel well with the whole atmosphere. Although a wedding is a stressful affair, but there should not be a single tinge of stress in the wedding.

Unfortunately, your personal stress leads to a lot of blunders in the wedding. As a result, the whole wedding goes flat. Of course you won’t want the wedding to look very gloomy.

List of blunders you should prevent

  • Overdoing the makeup

Wedding day is the most memorable day of your life. So, going a bit heavy with the makeup is alright. Everyone wants to look the most beautiful on this particular day. In this process, you land up in overdoing the makeup. As a result, you look worse than normal days. This is known as contouring disaster. Everything you put is too much … too much foundation, too much blush, too much lipstick … things that do not match your complexion at all.

The best solution that you have at hand is to consult a beautician. You can also take help from your friend who is a makeup pro! Avoid doing the makeover yourself on your D-day. If you can spend some bucks and look like a diva on your wedding, the money is worth it! This will prevent you cut down the extra. Do not cross the line of beautiful and land up in overdoing.

  • The wrong attire

Wedding attire is much more dependent on the destination of your wedding. Take an example. If your wedding is organized in a beach, make sure to buy a good looking pair of sandals. Again, if it is a classical wedding, invest in some formal shoes or high heels suitable for brides. Once the wedding ceremony is over, you can then get rid of the heels and land into your comfy sandals.

What is meant here is you have to be proper with your wedding dress. Also, make sure that you illustrate the dress code to your guests too. Suppose, if you choose the wedding dress code to be festive casual, give explains about what you mean by that. Do not let your guests land up looking odd. Same thing applies to beach wedding too.

  • The cash bar

Generally, the average cost of a bar in a wedding is somewhere around $1800 – $3000. However, most guests do not prefer a cash bar. If you want to go cheap, at least a Jack and a Coke will cost you about $11. Well, do you want to treat your guests like that on your wedding day? Well, that’s a clear indication of a miser.

However, more than a bar, your awareness should be more about you budget. Open bars are definitely the costly ones. But, it is this open bar that allows you to plan for new things. This means that you can add your innovation in open bars. First, you need to make a list of what your priorities are. Avoid certain things that are unnecessary. It is useless to waste money in unnecessary stuffs. 

  • The matching tattoos

Most brides and grooms dream of having a matching tattoo done for commemorating your wedding. Either you ink your wedding date or the name of your partner. If you think of doing a tattoo, go for a small one. Regarding tattoos, something out of the box is much appreciated. Instead of the clichéd wedding dates or the names of your spouses, you can go for some design or some phrase that reminds your partner of some special moment shared between you both.


Regarding wedding, you can either go for the classic one or opt for something out of the box. Both, if done without any blunders will be appreciated.

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