How Can I Make My Wedding Day Remembered By All Differently

How Can I Make My Wedding Day Remembered By All Differently

Wedding is special for everyone. And the wedding day is one of the days that are memorable for everyone. It is the day when you take vows with your loved ones to be together for the rest of the life. We all celebrate the day with grand celebration with pomp and joys.

If you are waiting for this day in upcoming months, then you may be having lots of tension now. Besides, there is also a tension which is going inside you about the special day. To make it more special, we have brought to you some idea which will make it’s different.

Different and unique idea to make the wedding day special

Here are some steps which will surely make you feel special and make your wedding different. The rules and rituals which are followed should be same as it is up to the religious beliefs. But we can make many other things different too. Get some of the idea here which I am sure you will like:

  • Invitation should be personalized

W e invites those people who are special and near to us. So let make this process of invitation a personalized one. Let them realize that how much special and lovable they are to you.  An invitation card is the ritual which can be added with the personal touch. You can either send a personalized gift to the person or a short message about them. Convey them the message that how important for them to be present at the function. It wills a different way to kick start your wedding in a different way.

  • Unique theme

Now coming to the wedding day, theme plays a very vital role. We are quite familiar with the different ambience of the wedding. So make it something different. Either takes a vow which will help the society. Encourage people who came as invitees to take part in that too. For example, take the view that you and your partner would like to share the day with some poor people with clothes and food. Include them and share with them along with your friends and relatives. Obviously that is helpful and also different too.

  • Escort cards should be unique too

Paper cards are already old fashioned. It tends to get lost if not placed at proper place. so think unique. Opt for a drink glass or a cup cake with the name of the guest on the card. That could be  a welcome drink or a small cup cake which they can have. Also it will be a unique idea about the escort cards too.

  • Child care

Yes, it is very important and often the mothers of the young child find tough to get fully involved in weddings for their small babies. Better you keep some arrangements for them. Create a child space or little attainder who will take care of the child while the moms can be busy with the photo shoot. They will also remember you for such a kind help on such a special day.

  • Personalized cake is different

Cake is another part of the wedding which is very important. Personalized cakes can be done to make the day special. Order the cake well before to the bakery and tell them what to make for the cake.  You can try out with the color also. Try some different some. Either go green with a green cake or be fruity with fruit cake. If you’re favorite color is blue, try out that. That would surely look different than those white cakes.

  • A dance performance

Yes, it is must and we all have it. But what if suddenly the bride presents a surprise dance performance for the groom or vice versa? Absolutely that is a stunning idea. So plan out which one to perform and practice it well before. Tell the event managers about it so that they make the suitable arrangements accordingly. Choose a romantic song for your special one and they will remember it for life long.


So eager to try them out? Yes we encourage you to experience them and do something different. But don’t forget to share your experience with us. We will be keen to hear how satisfied you are with these plans.

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