7 tips to make weddings more fun

7 tips to make weddings more fun

The perfect wedding is every person’s dream. To achieve that a lot of planning and the proper execution of the plans is required. While your wedding ceremony is both special and crucial, the after party will be the most looked forward event of your wedding – who doesn’t want to eat, drink and dance? The most memorable celebrations include personal, fun and unique touches to keep your friends and family smiling and dancing.

From fun activities to having a great time with your loved ones, here are 7 great ideas that you’ll want to see come to life at your own wedding.

     1. Plan the guestlist

The most important element of your wedding reception is obviously the guests. But your guest list also happens to be the thing that we suggest you cut first. When you remember your wedding, you will recall all the conversations that happened, the people you caught up with and the vibe all the awesome folks in the room shared. Chances are, it’s not the decorations that you will be talking about a week later. That means no matter how grand your wedding is, think of the people first and make everything else secondary.

Make sure that you make your guests feel taken care of. It wouldn’t be nice if you show up for a  wedding where you hardly knew anyone but the hosts. It is essential to make everyone feel comfortable at your wedding in order to have a memorable time. There are a number of ways you can take care of your guests such as providing welcome notes at the hotel, a way for guests to get to know each other (like name tags with a note about how you know the couple at a welcome dinner), and a seating chart. Keep in mind that your guests are your prime priority.

     2. Come up with a fun theme

7 tips to make weddings more fun

Having a wedding theme can add fun factors to your evening. Selecting a wedding theme could be the most tricky yet fun part to do! Once you have locked your theme for the perfect wedding, plan on decorating your venue, invitations, party wedding dress according to the theme. It could be any theme –  romantic, vintage, modern, rustic, casual, and many more. Accordingly, you will have the creative liberty to plan a fun and engaging wedding theme party for your friends and family. For instance, you can plan on having similar party dresses for women according to the theme. This dress coordination would make the wedding more fun.

     3. Decide on an outdoor venue

7 tips to make weddings more fun

If you wish to have a pretty picturesque wedding, consider having an outdoor ceremony. However, if you go the outdoor route, be sure to have a backup plan ready in case the weather goes bad. You don’t want to get married in a downpour that leaves all of your friends and family soaked.
Apart from the venue, your lighting also plays a crucial role especially if you are having a night wedding.
Great lighting effects can often be created very economically and easily. A good lighting can transform a space from day to night and you can create all kinds of effects with up-lighting and by projecting patterns, images or even videos on blank walls.

     4. Hire a good DJ

7 tips to make weddings more fun

Okay, this is a little too obvious. But we have to mention it because music is a major party factor for your wedding to be fun. Also, the kind of music you play has a lot to do with how long your guests will stay. The last thing you want to see is an empty dance floor when the DJ decides to plays obscure songs that are not fun to dance to. Talk to your DJ and plan a playlist that will keep the crowd grooving. The better the music the more fun your guests will have.

     5. Have an interactive tasting station

7 tips to make weddings more fun

What’s a great celebration without a chance to binge on great food? Offer your guests a chance to make their own dishes. Interactive food and drinks station where people can create their own bites and drinks will leave them happy and well fed. Consider having a drinks station too. Allow your guests to taste different samples of drinks. Stock the drink stations with some awesome champagne, premium whiskey, such as Johnnie Walker Blue label. Let your guests learn a few tasting notes. Who would say no to a make-your-own-drink bar?

     6. Photo booths, hashtags, and games

7 tips to make weddings more fun

Who doesn’t love to be photographed? A photo booth at your wedding party will be a sure hit idea. Let your friends click themselves and print all of the pictures in an album to show off. And go heavy on the props. People love fancy wedding dresses, so provide plenty of hats and props, which will add up on the dance floor and put extra color to your evening photos. Keep in mind about all the people that would like to get clicked in your photo booth and arrange the area accordingly.

There is a chance that there will be some spare time between your vows, dinner and the dancing. Make sure that your guests don’t have to hang around getting bored by providing some games. Arrange for fun games that would indulge every wedding attendee of yours and let the laughter flow. Have a quirky Instagram hashtag and let your guests click pictures with it. Friends and family will love it when you post their photo the next day, and it’s a great way for everyone to share their highlights during the day and in the week that follows.

     7. Get your guests laughing…

7 tips to make weddings more fun

Image source: https://www.insideweddings.com/inspiration/photo/59707/family-guest/expressive-friends-family-at-ceremony/

It is no brainer to know that if your guests are laughing, then they are having fun. Depending on your preferences, it is upon you to decide what to arrange for your guests so that they will continue to have fun. Interested in stand-up comedy? Get a local comedian and ask him to do a short routine at your wedding party. Goofiness can be funny — and it promises to leave your guests in fits of laughter. 
especially kids.

7 tips to make weddings more fun

One thing you definitely want to remember when planning your wedding party is the kids’ table. The cooler the kids’ table the more entertained (and quiet) those little munchkins will be. Have fun games like lego, coloring boards and, other fun games so that your little guests don’t find a chance to feel bored. Which means you and their parents will have a better time once they know that their kids are occupied and are having a blast!

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