Making Your Proposal Unique

Making Your Proposal Unique

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When it comes to asking the love of your life if they will marry you, why not make a statement and do it uniquely? Doing so will sweep them off their feet and ensure that they say yes.

Get The Ring In Advance

Making Your Proposal Unique

Image Source: Pixabay

However you decide to propose to your future life partner, you will need to get the ring in advance and keep this a secret to avoid spoiling the surprise. If you are looking for something different to sweep them off their feet, then check out some of vintage engagement rings. When you have the ring, it is then time to propose.

Say It With Video

You can create a compilation of photos and set it to your partner’s favourite music and images of your favourite times together. Towards the end of the video, you can ask the question and watch their face drop as they realise what has happened.

Say It Online

There are excellent ideas available online on how to propose to your beloved. For example, there are many websites that will allow you to publish content for free and you can use these to ask the questions. Write an article that professes your love for them and ask them to marry you. You can then send the link to them and wait for your response.

Give Them A Puzzle To Solve

It is easy to have a unique jigsaw puzzle created, and all you need to do is supply an image. Take a photo of the questions, have the jigsaw puzzle created, and then give it to them as a gift. Tell them there is something they may wish to read if they can solve it, and see how long it takes them to solve the jigsaw and give you an answer.

Get The Help Of Friends & Family

With the help of friends and family, you can throw a party and have them help you to ask the question. You can have special T-Shirts printed that all have one letter on them out of the phrase “will you marry me”? Then suggest a group photo and wait for their reaction when they realise what is happening. A benefit of doing something similar to this is that you will have all the people you love around you to share in your special moment together.

Making Your Proposal Unique

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A Sign In The Sky

Another way that you can propose uniquely is to hire a pilot that offers a skywriting service. Arrange for a specific place and time and make sure that your partner will be free before booking. When they see the sign in the sky that is your queue to get down on bended knee and ask them the question. 

A Proposal On Twitter

If there is a celebrity that you both follow you can ask if they will help you to pop the question and tweet your proposal for you. Make sure that your partner is going to be okay with this very public way of proposing, as you could end up receiving a lot of attention this way.

There are many different ways that you can propose to your beloved and above are some of the brilliant and unique ideas written to inspire you.

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