How Does Screen Printing Simplify T-Shirt Printing?

How Does Screen Printing Simplify T-Shirt Printing?

Screen printing is the quickest and the easiest way to apply a design to any given garment like a shirt, a piece of cloth, caps or dresses. In the entire textile industry, screen printing is really popular. It helps to print designs, letters and images on the garments, leather, birthday balloons, etc. Images and designs are widely printed to the T-Shirts and this is the most common use of screen printing. The method of printing is used to decorate T-Shirts whereby you may print any of the colors or patterns upon the shirt. T-Shirt printing makes the piece of garment more attractive to the potential customers. The mode of printing is widely used in advertising and sales. T-Shirts and shirts are best meant for this. Businesses and companies equally utilize the advertising and promotional opportunity offered by such items. If you are a startup company then you should go for t-shirt printing to promote your brand and then you can reach to large audience.

Screen printing is extremely popular among dress designers. T-Shirt printing allows for easy customization of garments at a rate which is affordable. The designer can come up with different designs as per the demands of customers. Simply put, screen printing is the method of applying a design to the garment by using specialized ink. The method of printing is mainly stencil printing method whereby the design is made by fixing the screen to the garment. Silk is then stretched over the metal frame or wooden frame. If you want fine detail, use fine mesh silk. At times, plastic screen or steel wire gauge is also used when the purpose is special.

T-Shirt printing and varied applications

Screen printing is also carried out upon T-Shirts. It is done to promote a brand, reflect or celebrate vivid senses. T-Shirt printing is done for fun most of the times. You may use different sorts of colors when printing a T-Shirt. There isn’t any need for doing technical setup when you use screen printing. If you want to print T-Shirts in bulk, go for screen printing. There are many companies offering such services to print a variety of screen designs upon the garments. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you may use this style of printing.

How is T-Shirt printing carried out?

How Does Screen Printing Simplify T-Shirt Printing? press

Screen printing of shirts usually employ the method of copying a particular design onto the shirt by using specialized ink. The printing method is stencil printing method where the design form is painted on the screen. A paint color or ink is simply used to make the design on the screen. To close pores of the material, a gum is used. All those areas that are greasy, they tend to reject the water soluble gum. With the turpentine, the greasy paint gets washed off. Thus, all the corresponding areas upon the silk material tend to become impervious to paint. Finally, the screen is placed upon the surface to be decorated. With the help of rubber squeegee, the ink is applied. Some portion of the applied ink is soaked by the silk material and is then printed over the surface of materials like wood, glass, textile fabric, etc.

Where is T-Shirt printing carried out?

T-Shirt printing is done on the long table where the screen is moved step by step along various successive positions. To shrink your carbon footprint, you may adopt organic T-Shirt printing. If you see a cool T-Shirt in the store, you may say that the technique of screen printing was used. To customize clothing, its design, you may use screen printing.

T-Shirt screen printing facilitates the printing of T-Shirts in bulk. It may be used as promotional material and distributed among your clients and potential customers. The print quality you can expect from this mode of printing is definitely high quality.