All about the heavy duty zippers that are used throughout

All about the heavy duty zippers that are used throughout

All heavy duty zippers work in a simple way with a mechanism that allows joining and separating two rows of “teeth” through a sliding element that works manually. It is a toothed device that is applied in the clothing industry of various pieces of clothing. They serve to join or separate two parts or pieces of a fabric. The system of closing formed by a gear (individual or in the coil) distributed in two parallel rows that lock together and that allows closing a garment completely. Especially suitable for opening and closing garments or components thereof it can also be used to join different pieces together.

The elements or so-called teeth are the parts mounted on the inner sides of the tape that are joined or separated by sliding the cursor. The shape of the elements changes depending on the material with which they are made. The measurement of the tooth is expressed in the size of the mesh. The cursor is the mechanism that operates the closure or opening of the rack in a heavy duty zippers. It has the function of joining or separating the elements when opening or closing it. There are different types of cursors depending on their use.

There are different styles of the separating zippers from metal, invisible ones that are small and have teeth hidden between the fabric, plastic and those that can be separated from one or both ends. The zippers have been used in many applications in different industries, but it is an essential element in the fashion industry because it allowed innovating and designing different models separating and joining parts of garments, allowing adjusting and putting the dresses in a simple way.

These zippers are a very useful product if you want to make or repair a decoration cushion or a cushion for your home. You can also use them in mattress covers and any home decoration product. To mount the separating zippers, put the cursor separating a small piece of the zipper by one of the ends, one of the sides of the cursor is inserted in one of the sides, always in the position as if we were to close the zipper and then, the other side on the other rail, bending and joining the fabrics as even as possible, hold with two fingers of one hand so that the rails are right and with the other pull the cursor gently. And it is already mounted. In this way, we can cut it to the extent that we need for each job. ( Once the zipper is assembled, we sew the pieces that we want to join.

metal zippers

Zippers made with polyester or cotton tape with a double cord that offers better resistance. They have excellent finishes and stand out for the strength of their alloys.

Spiral zippers

Lightweight zippers of high resistance and efficiency are used in multiple applications such as clothing, footwear, leather goods, luggage, etc. They are composed of 100% polyester ribbon and spiral. Through different processes, you can acquire properties such as fire retardant, waterproof and water repellent.

Injected zippers

Plastic tooth zippers, which are lighter than metal ones and nylon ones! This feature makes them ideal for use with light and sporty garments, in addition, the possibilities of finishes and color combinations are very broad, and can even achieve fluorescent colors, transparent and with a multitude of nuances.

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