Critical Questions To Ask To Help You Avoid Hiring A Poorly Qualified Tile Contractor

Critical Questions To Ask To Help You Avoid Hiring A Poorly Qualified Tile Contractor

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If you want to have new tile installed in your home, then you’re going to want to find the best contractor out there. Tile can be tricky to install, as the subfloor needs to be properly prepped and repaired, if necessary. You can’t lie tile over an uneven floor, as those tiles will pop up and cause a number of problems. The best contractors know these things and are able to install your tile quickly and easily, resulting in a very professional result. However, you need to first find the best contractor. Here are some things to ask in order to avoid hiring a company that isn’t qualified, courtesy of the experts at tile contractors Dallas.

Ask For Their Contact Information

Although you’re probably going to start off your search by Googling if you went a different route and received the name and phone number of a company or contractor, make sure that you can find them online. The best companies have websites and thorough Google listings. It’s a big red flag if you can’t connect their name and phone number to a proper company.

How Do They Request Payment?

Ideally, you want to pay at least a quarter of the project fee upfront (some contractors request a third or half), some in the middle of the project, and the rest at the end. If the contractor demands the full fee up front or worse, demands cash, walk away and find someone else to do the job.

Is The Price Absurdly Low?

You should expect to pay standard market rates for tile installation in your area. If the rate seems extremely low, there’s probably a reason for it – the contractor is in desperate need of work. You need to ask yourself why this is the case, and then look elsewhere.

Critical Questions To Ask To Help You Avoid Hiring A Poorly Qualified Tile Contractor

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Are Their References Easy to Contact?

The references given to you by the contractor should be easy to contact. If you’re spending hours hunting down these people and you aren’t receiving much of a response, they might actually be fake references.

Do They Listen to Your Requests?

Also, the contractor needs to listen to your requests. You’re the client. If you ask for something that can’t be done, then they need to be honest, but for the most part, simple requests must be met. For example, if you want to ask them about a loft conversion plan, they should be able to answer you fairly and honestly.

Are Their Online Reviews All Bad?

Most companies have at least one of two fair to middling online reviews. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time. However, if the company has a large number of negative reviews – and virtually no positive ones – then you’ll need to find someone else to do the job. There’s a reason for those bad reviews.

Can They Show You Before and After Pictures?

According to the experts at tile contractors Dallas, the best tile contractors are able to produce plenty of before and after pictures. These illustrate the depth of the work that they’re able to handle. The companies that don’t have these pictures probably have something to hide.

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