Honeymoon Paradise plan your trip to blissful paradise
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Honeymoon Paradise plan your trip to blissful paradise

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Are you looking for an extra special getaway with that extra special someone? If you’re newly married or planning a wedding, you’re probably also thinking about the honeymoon and where you’d like to go. With so many exotic places to visit, it can be hard to choose. Innocuous get-to-know-you questions like do you prefer beach or mountain vacations, become all too real when planning the ultimate honeymoon. If the island-life is more you and your spouse’s style, definitely consider honeymooning in Fiji.

Fiji is listed as one of The Knot’s top 10 beach honeymoon destinations for its warm lagoons and stunning coral reefs. Although getting there requires some extensive traveling, Fiji will far surpass even your wildest honeymoon dreams. Fiji is an island network made up of over 300 islands in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, and with year-round temperatures between 68º and 86º F (20º–30ºC,) it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon during any season. (Adderall) The exotic island’s remote location also means it is pollution-free and has some of the cleanest air and water in the world. You’ll be hard-pressed to find stargazing and snorkeling as vibrant as the experience you’ll get in Fiji.

From the eye-catching birdlife and diverse marine life to the tropical flowers and thick vegetation, it’s no wonder Fiji is nicknamed the Garden Island. Of course, the island itself is ripe with natural beauty, but the local resorts are wonders in their own right. You can experience all that Fiji has to offer by booking a honeymoon package with Fiji Luxury Vacation. Their curated activities will take the burden of planning off your plate. Plus, you can take breaks from exploring the island with relaxing activities like floating in the infinity pool, getting a pampering massage, or dining al fresco. The resort’s in-house chefs even offer complimentary cooking classes for guests.

Their luxe villas are all unique and include a variety of features, but each one offers privacy for the ultimate romantic getaway. Choose between garden views and ocean views, but know that there’s really no wrong answer. No matter where you are, the grounds are filled with flora like rare palm trees and various tropical fruit trees, including papaya and pineapple. Some rooms even have outdoor honeymoon baths and showers. Find bliss in the fact that your mind won’t be occupied with thoughts of what’s next. Your biggest decision while relaxing in Fiji will be whether to lounge by the pool or ocean.

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