Marijuana Use and Macujo Method for Hair Drug Testing

Marijuana Use and Macujo Method for Hair Drug Testing

One of the most common drugs these days is marijuana. More commonly known as “weed”, it is considered the drug for the common people and the youth as well. One of the factors that made this possible is how accessible it is. In Western countries like the United States and Canada, you buy these in dedicated stores. These stores are selling all kinds of marijuana products from oils, soaps and actual plants. Another factor to the popularity of this drug is you can actually grow the plants. As long as it is legal in your area, you can grow your own garden and sell the leaves. It is so profitable that even celebrities are trying to enter the business.

Why Is Marijuana So Popular?

One of the main selling points of marijuana is its effectiveness on many diseases. Before, marijuana is used for respiratory diseases like asthma and tuberculosis. These days though, marijuana is advertised to be good for many psychological problems. Many people actually use this to treat seizures because THC, one of marijuana’s main compounds, can help alleviate its symptoms. It is also credited to help people who are suffering from anxiety, insomnia and eating disorders to name a few. Even though there is still more to study about the medical benefits of marijuana, many people are still jumping onto this train. They are hoping to be cured of such illnesses. Read more about this here:

Marijuana is also used for recreation. During the ancient times, many cultures including numerous Asian tribes would use this for their rituals. Its hallucinogenic properties made people believe that they could communicate with the gods. Nowadays, people would actually use it to relax and unwind after a long day. Its properties makes muscles move into a more relaxed state which calms the user. Smoking a joint is actually the easiest way to do it, but oils these days are much more common.

It is also really easy for the uninitiated to use as you just need to burn it and inhale the smoke. Other dangerous drugs either need to be used intravenously or swallowing the substance. This makes marijuana a lot less dangerous to use. There are also studies that suggest marijuana is not addictive at all. You can just use it once and you don’t have to crave it for the rest of your life. Many parties would offer these products because it helps with the atmosphere. Most people would lose their inhibitions and experience more fun.

However, even if some places would actually legalize marijuana use, there are still places where this is not possible. For example, many companies would actually prohibit their users from using marijuana because it can affect work performance. Once you are lose and relaxed, your alertness is also decreased. This is great if you are trying to sleep but not when you are working. It can even be dangerous if your workplace has a lot of hazards like a construction site. This is why most companies would administer random drug tests to find the drug users in their workplaces. See more reasons why here.

What Are Some Tests You Should Look Out For

There are three tests that are commonly used for drug detection, each represented by the sample needed to be collected. Blood and urine are the most common since it is very easy to collect. You would also have faster results using these methods. However, they are also very easy to fake. Drinking enough water before the test and taking some supplements actually help flushing the drug out of the system. There are also other ways like fake urine and detoxification. It may be difficult but it is possible to be cheated on, which is why many companies now opt for hair follicle test.

The hair follicle test, as the name suggests, uses hair samples to retrieve drug traces if you have ever used any substance. It would undergo a strict process which involves microscopic investigation and soaking through a solution. Hair follicle tests produce the most accurate results out of the three tests commonly used. The sample is rather easy to collect. They just need the hair 1.5 inches after your hairline and they would usually collect only half an inch thick of hair or less. It wouldn’t affect your looks the slightest and it is pain free unlike a blood extraction.

Marijuana Use and Macujo Method for Hair Drug Testing

One of the reasons why this is so popular these days is because of its coverage for drug detection. How long do drugs stay in your hair, you may ask? Well, it really depends on the type of drug, dosage and time of ingestion. For most types of drugs, they would stay on your hair follicles for about a month to 3 months. For marijuana, it can take up to 5 or 6 months before any of its traces can be removed from your hair. If they will collect from your body hair, it can detect drug use up to a year prior. However, they would only resort to this method if the hair on your head is too short.

Now, you cannot just remove drug particles from your hair by just shampooing alone. No matter how many baths you take every single hour of the day, the trace would always be there. You can go completely bald, but they would just collect from your body and that would be worse.

One of the methods that is commonly used these days is the Macujo method. This procedure uses a step by step process on how you can remove the drug traces. Following this method will actually open up your hair follicles and clean it up. This is where the drug stays after it was absorbed by the body. The Mancujo method will destroy your hair follicles and can actually damage your scalp so be careful. There are a lot of steps that you need to follow so makes sure to follow each one for maximum effectiveness. There are many guides online for this procedure, so you can always check them out.

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