4 Crazy, But Freakishly Effective Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

After a few hours of desk-time in your office, productivity often takes a severe nosedive. Most of the time, you find yourself doing crazy things, such as watching funny videos on YouTube or chatting with friends on social media. You even flick through websites that offer zero value to your work life just to pass time.

You wish there was a way liven up your days in the office and help you focus on getting work done before you go home at 6 pm.

Unfortunately, you have tried all the strategies of boosting productivity you have read from various sources, but they seem not to cure your post-lunch coma.

Before you lose hope…

In the section below, we outline some of the weirdest yet effective ways of increasing productivity. Read on!

Play a musical instrument or listen to music

Neuroscientists suggest that playing a musical instrument is one of the best strategies of giving your brain a thorough workout.

Working on your desk to finish some assignments, tasks, or projects only lights up a section of your brain. However, playing an instrument lights up multiple parts of your brain, which can keep you rejuvenated and give you the strength to focus on other things such as work.

Look – research shows that musicians solve issues more creatively and effectively in both social and academic settings. They have high levels of executive function, which helps them perform tasks such as paying attention to detail, planning, and strategizing better than others.

Therefore, take time between tasks and play your favorite instrument. If you can’t, simply listen to music to fire up your brain!

Hiring employee ‘cheerleaders.’

Crazy, huh?

You only see the best cheerleaders in events such as the SuperBowl or maybe even at the Kentucky Derby horse race, but have you ever imagined bringing them into your organization as a way of boosting employee productivity? Well, you certainly haven’t!

Before you dismiss this as nonsense, most web-based companies in china employ talented female cheerleaders who bring fun to the work environment. In return, the productivity of professionals, such as programmers, has significantly improved.

Well, the cheerleaders you bring into your workplace don’t need to wave pom-poms. They engage in simple but exciting tasks such as playing ping-pong with you, chitchatting, or bringing you breakfast. By improving your social skills, they will also boost your motivation and ultimately increase productivity.

Work for shorter hours

Working for long hours doesn’t always mean that you will achieve more success. As counterintuitive as it sounds, working for shorter hours can make you more productive. Multiple studies have suggested that we were not created to fully focus on work for eight hours every day.

You cannot stay focused when your brain is tired. Distractions will always arise, which will prompt you to learn less, retain little information, make mistakes, and, worse still, avoid challenging tasks.

If you are working in an environment where you are allowed to choose your own hours, why don’t you work for five hours instead of eight?

Take a nap under the desk

You read, right! Taking a nap under your desk can help boost your productivity at work.

If you don’t believe it, you might be convinced to learn that various furniture brands have developed nap desks, which allow people to sleep under their desks.

Don’t worry that someone will find you sleeping on the job, literally. These desks come with walls, enabling you to nap in complete privacy.

Research has found that workers perform poorly as the day progresses. Taking a 30-minute nap prevents deterioration, and a one hour nap at work can actually boost performance.

Sleeping at work sounds crazy, but if you can talk your boss into it, you will be surprised by how much your motivation to work towards achieving organizational goals will increase.

Of course, these ideas sound highly conventional. However, thinking outside the box is what creates a rift between productive and unproductive workers. Try any of these methods, and you might develop the brainpower you need to attain your personal and career goals every day!

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