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Sustainable Fashion Trends to Take into 2020

Now more than ever, people are concerned with sustainable fashion practices, and rightfully so. Finding ways to stop buying so much and reducing landfill are especially important. Although it can be hard to pass up the latest fashion trends, consider where the clothing pieces come from and how long will they last? Here are our top ways to get thinking about sustainable fashion that is easy to implement into your normal life. For some, grab a friend to do them with you, so the sustainable trends spread further. 

1. Thrift Shopping

Pop those tags! Thrift shopping is not only trendy, it also substitutes supporting fast fashion brands. Although not all the pieces are made from sustainable fabrics, it does prevent clothes from going to landfill. Thrift shopping can be especially fun with friends as you search through racks together and pick out clothes for each other. What’s more, fashion trends really do repeat themselves; find a 90s slip dress or 2000s small bag, and you will fit right in with the 2020’s trends. They are probably a fraction of the price, authentic and better made. Pro-tip; do not skip the men’s section, you can find cute graphic tees to wear as a t-shirt dress, with cycling shorts or tied up with jeans. 

2. Rent &  Sell

Some individuals think sustainable fashion trends mean you always are wearing the same items, but that is not the case. Instead of contributing to buying a new dress or outfit for one party that you will never wear again, consider renting it online from a site like The Volte. This allows multiple people to love the same dress, without having to each own it. It will not stay taking up room in your closet forevermore, and there are lots of designer dresses available in particular for a small price. Look expensive, feel amazing and then return it after use. If you have some of those space-consuming dresses hidden in your wardrobe, this could also be a way for you to make some extra dollars by renting them out.

3. Swap Party

Grab your friends and sisters, it is time for a swap party. Each person brings a bag of items they no longer wear, meet up at one house, put on some music and go through each other’s clothes. Different people may have new ways to wear the item, or love it more than you do. It is a good way to get together and chitchat, whilst avoiding the fast fashion shops. 

4. Organic-Linen & Hemp

Switching to clothing with more sustainable materials is encouraged. Whilst they may be more expensive, these are products that will last you a long time, and you can personally feel good about wearing them. The quality of materials such as organic linen and hemp is high and good for the environment. More and more mainstream brands are adopting this trend, such as Afends. As a bonus, linen is a trendy material at the moment for its breathability and comfortability. Be in style, and help the planet at the same time. (Fabulouseyebrowthreading)  

5. Rewear but Different 

Before you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe as the next season rolls in, consider how you can make outfits out of your current collection of clothes. When going from warm to cold weather, consider layering turtlenecks under a dress or T-shirt. Wear stockings with your favourite skirts, and layer up singlet tops with knits. 

Overall, sustainable fashion is a necessary, positive approach to protecting our future. Making smarter choices based on sustainability is something each of us should take into 2020 as much as possible. From thrift shopping with friends to renting dresses, try to get on board with at least one greener trend!

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