Hair care tips for the bride to be
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Hair care tips for the bride to be:

The wedding day is one of the most important days of a woman’s life. On her wedding day, the bride wants everything to be just perfect. There are not many women who have not dreamed about this day from her teenage years. She is the queen of the day. The royal treatment, the rituals, the vows, the walk down the aisle, the grand banquet, and anything and everything else is about her on that day. Wouldn’t it be legitimate that she wants to look perfect on the day? To look good, the role of a right hairdo cannot be missed.

Generally, brides are supposed to wear it long. The hairstylist will show you several types of hairdo, which will suit your dress, height, face cutting, and volume of hair. These are all about a particular day. But you have to take good care of your hair at least from before six months to flaunt your luxurious mane. Poor health of hair is always conspicuous. It is all the more apparent under the massive lights of the reception ceremony. However exclusive your hairdo is, everything will be ruined if you have a rough and tangled hair, with the split ends taking a peek from under the bridal veil. So, here are some useful tips for preparing your hair for the grand day of your life.

What are the problems?

It is not possible to make a default hair care routine for every bride under the sky. Every hair type is different and needs a tailor-made solution for their distinct problems. So, our pre-bridal method begins with addressing your particular issues. Do you often see dandruff on your black dress? Do you look in the mirror and see lots of grey hair? Is your scalp dry? Does your hair get frizzy one day after you wash it? Well, you need to pinpoint your damage type first. You can do it on your own, or you can visit a dermatologist if you are unable to determine your hair type or your hair problem. Then you can take the necessary action to solve those.

No stress at all:

A wedding entails a lot of stress and anxiety. When it is your wedding, you have so many things to stress about. Did the dress get delivered? What if the caterer is not right? What if the power supply gets disturbed? What if the band does not show up? What if the ring bearer loses the ring? Oh my god! That is a lot to process. However, stress is not suitable for the health of your hair. These stress factors will be present, but you have to stay calm even around these things. You can manage to take some time out of your busy schedule to do some meditation. You can join some exercise group. Brides worry much about their skin before the wedding. But it is also necessary that you reduce some inches before the day. It is accurate, and if you fit well in your royal wedding dress, you will feel your stress level decreased.

Go for oil:

Oiling therapy for hair comes with a solid historical background of effectiveness. Yes! Oiling your hair once in a week is sufficient. Your hair is supposed to go through a lot of heavy products and styling on the day of your wedding. So, oiling it with coconut or sesame or castor oil prepares your hair for such things. It is more effective if the oil has a mild temperature. The process is easy. Take the required amount of oil on a bowl and put it onto another pot of water and put it on the oven. When the water gets warm, the oil inside will be warm automatically. Use fingertips while applying hot oil. Make sure the total scalp is covered with oil. Keep it overnight, and the nest day wash it off. Your hair is stronger than ever.

Go for natural products:

If you want to color your grey strands of hair, you may. But you need to avoid chemical products of coloring. The best ingredients for hair-color are henna powder, coffee leaves, tea leaves, beetroot juice, and purple cauliflower juice. Try them to give your hair a natural coloring. If you have extreme grey hair, then only go for synthetic products. But at first, undergo the required patch test before coloring. Anyway, do not use harsh colors and bleaching agents. They not only damage your beautiful hair, but they also cause allergy. You, least of all, want that to happen just before D-day. You can also make your conditioner by determining your hair type and the problems you want to diminish.

Everyday care tips:

Keeping long strands of hair demands so much effort that you may feel blah after some days. However, here are some cool tips to keep it simple and easy. The first of these is trimming. Yes, to manage long hair, trimming is essential. You need to cut the ending of your hair once in two or three months. This way, you can prevent the issue called split ends. The second tip is, use a brush with a wider tooth. It will detangle your hair without breaking a lot of hair strands. The next one is to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Cover your head with a silk scarf or bonnet before going out on a scorching day. Try to keep your hair loose or loosely tied. Too many sharp pins or a tight grip of a rubber band may lead to a breakage of a considerable amount of hair. Drink enough fluids. It will keep dry scalp at bay.

Beautiful lustrous hair is something that would change the way you look. Films have classic scenes of men falling in love as soon as women take off the rubber bands and show their thick long shiny hair. A single day cannot go without you giving your hair credit for your beautiful look. So, should you not walk a few extra miles to have a stand-out look on the very day of your wedding? Come on! You are getting hitched. At least you would love your hair!

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