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Courses after 12th commerce- There are a lot of options to choose from

Commerce is the backbone of every Nation. Unless and until their employers, it becomes extremely tough for other people to find jobs and run their lives. Only when there is commerce, we can expect some sort of business development in a country and the rise in the economy. Students that have chosen commerce are the ones who can contribute towards the development of the country’s economy by keeping a tab on the several aspects of finance-related sectors. So, in this article, we have concentrated on courses after 12th commerce for a student to choose from. Knowing these courses would help them to narrow down their choices by avoiding ambiguity.

Commerce is one of the major subjects that a lot of students choose after the 12th standard. Though it is considered to be easier than science and technology-related subjects, students that choose commerce have a lot of options for the higher studies.

Different courses after 12th commerce

B. Com Accounting and taxation

Students that are interested in mathematical calculation can always choose their majors in B. Com accounting and taxation courses after 12th commerce. The stream allows the student to learn more about the taxation rules and help them find secure jobs in every sector. Taxes apply to everyone who lives in a country. Every financial year, it is mandatory to file the taxes, and all these things would be attended by the people who know about taxation and accounting.

Business management

A lot of universities offer courses in business management for students who have passed the 12th standard in the areas of commerce. Business management is one set stream which would give a complete detail about the operation of the organization concerning the management. Indus course, students would be able to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about running an organization using different strategies, the rules that are applicable for every kind of organization, and other rules applicable to business. The business management stream is going to help those candidates that are inclined towards managing the business.

Tourism and travel management

The students have finished the 12th standard in the areas of commerce can also choose to study bachelors of commerce in travel and tourism management as well. Students inclined to understand more about the travel and tourism industry can opt for this course. Since the tourism industry is booming in every other country, the students would have a lot of opportunities coming their way. In this course, the students would be taught on the laws related to immigration, visa-related procedures, international ticket booking procedures, rules related to foreign tourists, and other things that are applicable for the tourism industry to run successfully. Students that are interested in starting their own tourism company can always consider this course and have a successful career in the future.

Bachelors of law

Students who are aspiring to become lawyers can apply for the bachelor of law courses after 12th commerce. The subjects introduced in the B. Com LLB would teach the students to understand the different kinds of rules that a part of the Constitution of a nation. It would give them a detailed insight into all the rules that every citizen should follow. It gives them the experience of the courtroom trials as well. Students that are good in communication and who want to excel in their studies in law can always choose to apply for the B. Com LLB course.

Bachelor of fine arts

Bachelor of Fine arts is one of those creative courses after 12th commerce that would help the students that are thriving to apply their creative skills. Most of the artists would have done they’re fine arts course after completing the 12th standard. In this course, the students will get to know about several art forms. Besides, they learn how to apply their imagination on canvas using different mediums. After completing B. Com fine arts, the students can launch themselves as an artist, or they might as well choose to study d for the excel in one particular stream of fine arts

Hospitality and travel

The students who want to be a part of the hospitality sector can always choose to study commerce without worrying. B. Com in hospitality and travel management is good enough courses after 12th commerce. Hospitality Management is one of the booming industries in every other part of the globe. The hospitality Management team is a vital part of every sector and every industry.

Especially in the tourism and the hotel sectors, there are great opportunities for students that complete B. Com in hospitality and travel management. These students can immediately launch themselves as professionals. They do it by joining some of the best organizations or even choose to study further.

Bachelors of Journalism courses after 12th commerce

We must understand that a commerce student would also have access to all the subjects that an art student has. Truly, journalism is predominantly a subject that students studying arts and humanities often choose. However, it does not restrict the B. Com students to apply for this course. Students who choose journalism would be studying the various elements related to mass media communication. Besides, they also learn editing, writing, and different kinds of roles related to mass media and journalism.

Journalism is yet another industry that would never lose the scope. People who want to voice their opinion out to a mass can always choose this stream of studies after the 12th standard. Studying B. Com journalism would also open up channels in corporate organizations as there is a department of communication in every industry.

Bachelors of design

It is another popular course these days with a lot of students. B.Des is one of the creative courses after 12th commerce that we are talking about here. It is going to help students understand the various elements that are part of the animation and the film industry. Joining this course will help you to understand various technologies related to Graphic Designing and VFX design. Besides, you get to learn the Designing of Games during the course.

Now you know the various options that you can choose after the 12th standard in commerce. So, do not settle for something smaller or things that you don’t like.

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