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David Beckham hairstyles- Style secrets of the dashing celebrity

The moment you think of David Beckham, it quickly takes us all back to his attractive looks and his moves on the ground. Known for his classic football playing skills, this man has also earned a lot of popularity when it comes to dashing looks. The kinds of looks that Beckham carried can probably not be beaten by anyone else for sure. He paid a lot of attention to his hair and the styles that he carried attracted a lot of fan followers and became extremely trendy. We have written a few David Beckham hairstyles in this article if you like this star, you might as well follow the trendy hairstyles that he displayed.

Beckham has always been flamboyant when it comes to image branding; along with Football, he has also earned quite a lot of name by being glamorous on and off-field. The rugged looks made quite a noise because of this amazing player. His sophistication in carrying those looks was well-received by everyone across the globe, especially by his fanatics.

7 hairstyles of David Beckham

David Beckham Comb-Over was one of the best David Beckham hairstyles.

It looks like the classic suits were stitched by the renowned brands to match the physique of this man. David looks classy in his short-haircut, and David Beckham short haircut has been one of the most followed trends by a lot of people worldwide. Almost all the hairstyles that David has projected revolve largely around the short hair, and one such elegant hairstyles are the Comb-over. The soccer star looks no less than a diva with this fashionable comb-over hairstyle. All you have to do to achieve this hairstyle is to blow-dry the hair and use the hands to set the hair. This is one of the perfect looks that every chiseled cheeks man must try at least once.

Undercut was yet another popular Beckham’s style

Undercut was one of the popular David Beckham hairstyles that were largely accepted by masses. Shaving the sides to create a perfect look by blending them well on the top can make this hairstyle look stunning. This hairstyle would look even trendy if you sport a similar look like Beckham. He always wished to have stubble with this haircut, and that added even more charm to his sharp looks.

Side-part for formal occasions

This man certainly understands the art of ‘Dressing well.’ The grooming techniques that he followed vary according to the occasions. For official parties and occasions, Beckham always chose to create a side-partition. This hairstyle can really go well with a suit and also is one of the best ones for formal occasions.  Be it dinner, lunch, or any family gatherings like a wedding or house-warming ceremonies; this can be one of the perfect hairstyles that every man must carry. Well, this is one of the popular David Beckham hairstyles.

Long hair looks classy too

While we have gone through a few David Beckham short haircut styles in the above section, this hairstyle is completely in contrast to all those. This star isn’t quite popular when it comes to growing long hair. He loves to keep his hair short, and it looks like that is his signature style. However, Beckham also loves to grow his hair slightly longer than usual, not a mane, though!  Though his hair grows slightly beyond the neckline, he manages to keep it sophisticated and maintains the looks brilliantly.

Blow cut

Well, a star like him has to try different kinds of hairstyles. Gaining popularity is one of the most important things for celebrities, and Beckham is a sports star. He is known for his Soccer skills, equally for his fashion sense as well. These days, we can spot his Diva in a low cut hairstyle. He has started to retain the longer length on the top while keeping the side locks shorter than earlier. It looks like this hairstyle is made exclusively for this man. You need to blow-dry the crown of your hair to increase the volume. This has to be done upwards, and the strands of the hair must all stand upright, tall. Using hair styling products like gels and others, the volume of the hair is increased. Well, this is one of the classic David Beckham hairstyles.

Messy Crop with Bangs

It is impossible to remain polished at all times. Even a star like Beckham wants some relaxation, and that’s when he chooses to have this messy hairstyle. The bangs created to make him look stylish and younger at the same time. This also adds a cool look and makes him look more like a Soccer player than a sophisticated man. The star can pull off this hairstyle too, like the other hairstyles. Well, we would say that this looks of Beckham make all the ladies go gaga over him. The charm of Beckham with the bangs on his forehead and the stubble makes him look aesthetically dashing.

The quiff is another classic style of Beckham.

This is yet another popular hairstyle of Beckham. Quiff looks are created exactly like the pompadour. Adding a lot of volume to the crown is mandatory in this kind of hairstyle. To project a mature appearance maintaining the length of the hair to the medium is one of the key secrets. Quiff makes it possible to get the perfect looks, and Beckham carried it off brilliantly. The length of the hair on all sides is uniform in this hairstyle with a voluminous top. This creates a perfect balance and gives stunning looks.


Apart from these hairstyles, Beckham also carried Disconnected Undercut, Mohawk, Pompadour, and many other styles. With his charismatic looks, Beckham was able to pull off every style like a pro. If you are an ardent follower of Mr. Beckham, these hairstyles should certainly be tried at least once. Also, hairstyles can create a unique identity, and following your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle is going to increase your popularity amongst your friends as well.

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