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How to Redecorate Your Apartment on a Budget

Your apartment is more than just a place where you sleep, it is your refuge and sanctuary, and it should be a place where you can feel free to be your true self. Over time, most people find that their home decor style evolves and changes as they themselves grow. 

But, if you aren't careful, making changes in your apartment can quickly add up and disrupt your budget.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to create the home of your dreams while still keeping costs down. From the impact of rearranging items and decreasing clutter, to the benefits of ordering new pieces from buy now pay later providers, read on to learn how you can redecorate your apartment on a budget.

1. Rearrange the items you already own

One of the best ways to give your apartments for rent in alexandria va a refresh is by rearranging the items that you already own. You would be amazed at what spending a little bit of time re-shuffling your furniture, and home decor can do to make your apartment feel brand new.

Before you start moving things around, think about your options, and devise a game plan. Having a clear idea of the new layout will help you to see what pieces of furniture can be moved where and will reduce the chance of you moving heavy items around, only to find that they don't work. Instead, use painter's tape to designate where the furniture will go and then see whether you like the scale and fit of how the pieces fit into the space.

Smaller items such as chairs, lamps, and small tables can easily be moved from room to room to create a different feeling and atmosphere. Even switching artwork or mirrors that are hanging on your walls can do wonders in refreshing your space.

2. Remove clutter 

Over time, everyone ends up collecting more items than they know what to do with; therefore, taking the time to remove clutter and downsize your belongings can help to keep your space looking stylish and functional. If your apartment is filled with items you don't like or no longer use, it can start feeling stuffy and negatively affect its overall look

What’s more, having too much stuff adds unnecessary stress to your life and makes it harder to enjoy spending time in your home

If the thought of decluttering scares you, start by breaking down the task into rooms or sections of your apartment. Then you can tackle each area individually by breaking it down into more manageable portions. This way, you are more likely to follow through on your decluttering plans. 

Set aside specific days or hours to make your way through your list and have a sorting system prepared so that you know what you are going to do with each item. 

An easy method involves having a "keep, sell/donate, and trash" pile (or bag/box). This will help you make quick decisions about what will stay, what is going to find a new home, and what is headed for the trash.

3. Use removable wallpaper 

If you are renting an apartment or looking for a non-permanent way to add extra interest to a room, you may want to consider using removable wallpaper. This is because removable wallpaper can be peeled right off as needed. You can easily change design mistakes or avoid breaking your lease agreement in case there are stipulations about making changes on the appearance of the unit. 

Over the past couple of years, this type of wall decoration has become very popular, ensuring that you can find a style that works for your space. In many cases, it is recommended that you order it in a fun, bold print and treat it as art for your walls

Opt to use removable wallpaper to create a feature wall in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. You can even apply it behind shelves or on steps. Wherever you choose to use it, you can be sure that it will make the room feel complete and cohesive. 

4. Be smart with your furniture purchases 

Whether you have just moved into a new place or believe it is time to upgrade your current setup, you will probably want to purchase new furniture items for your apartment. 

In many cases, purchasing furniture is the most expensive part of redecorating an apartment, so you want to ensure that you are being smart with your buys. 

One of the best ways to afford the furniture you want while not going over budget is to shop at a buy now pay later furniture store. Utilizing this type of service enables you to divide your shopping into four cost-free payments. And as long as you pay on time, you won't be charged extra. 

If you have your eyes on certain furniture pieces or home decor, this is a fantastic option for financing them. Being smart about your purchases means buying items that you genuinely love and are going to cherish for years to come

5. Infuse your personality into each room 

Your apartment should be a reflection of you, which is why it is essential to infuse your personality into each room. 

For some people, this may mean having their hobbies on display. For example, you can have a wall of books or framed recipes or menus from your favorite restaurants. Or you can have pops of your favorite color or feature items you’ve been collecting from your travels. 

Rugs and wall art are an easy way to enhance your room aesthetics, while corner shelves can be utilized to display accent pieces that represent your personality and style. 

Wall art always gives a special touch to every room, for example, decorate your dining room, because this is where the whole family gathers at least once a day. You can hang a photo of your family on the wall, or a set of photo canvas from your vacations. We recommend you read the advice of professional interior designers from ElephantStock on how to decorate the walls of your dining room.

The point is that your living space should scream you and should make you feel refreshed and at ease when you are in it. Only bring into your home items and pieces of furniture that you enjoy, and relieve yourself of those that no longer fit your aesthetic or lifestyle. 

Are you looking to redecorate or refresh your apartment? If so, what are you thinking about doing? Are you following any of the above steps? 

Let us know your thoughts and any additional tips and tricks you have in the comments below!