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Trilogy Diamond Engagement Rings: All You Need To Know

Trilogy Diamond Engagement Rings: All You Need To Know. Of course, there are many strange quirks and customs related to jewellery. A trilogy (or trinity) ring is one with three stones.

This popular design is used for many different occasions from engagement to wedding and friendship rings. The best example of this style of ring is the piece Meghan Markle endorsed when she got engaged to Prince Harry in 2017.

Traditionally Diamonds

Trinity rings were traditionally crafted with three diamonds – a larger central stone, with one either side. When you browse online jewellers, you will find trilogy diamond engagement ring that are very affordable. The online jeweller does not have the massive expense of running a retail outlet and can therefore offer the customer lower prices, averaging 15-20% cheaper than a traditional jeweller.

Mixing Stones

If you’re not one for customs and traditions, there’s no reason you can’t design a ring with a central diamond, with a pair of rubies or sapphires either side. Adding colour is a great idea and if you approach a custom jeweller, you can have your concept turned into reality, using the stones of your choosing. Two pink Argyle diamonds would look stunning with a central clear diamond, which is a popular design with young Australians. The custom jeweller can show you many fine images of trilogy diamond engagement rings and for around the same price as an off-the-shelf ring, you have aunique trilogy ring like no other.

Stone Size

There are two ways to go – a design with the central stone slightly larger, or have all three diamonds exactly the same size. When you commission a custom jeweller, you get to choose every aspect of the ring, namely, the kind of stones, stone size, stone cut, metal, and setting. If the supporting stones are smaller, this will enhance the main diamond. With the right cut and setting, maximum sparkle is achieved.

Various Interpretations & Meanings

The trinity ring can have a diverse range of meanings. It can represent the past, present and future, or it could symbolise friendship, love and devotion, as in a friendship ring. For a Christian, a trinity ring might mean, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which is a common gift for a Christian when they are confirmed at around the age of 15. The trilogy ring might represent a message such as ‘love, cherish and honour’ or indeed, any special meaning that two people have, all you have to do is get creative and approach a custom jeweller who can help you to create the perfect trilogy ring that has a special meaning for you and your partner.

Online Solutions

With global lockdowns, perhaps the best way to browse trinity rings is via the online jeweller who would have an extensive catalogue, or the expert can hand-craft the ring to your specifications. Of course, size must be correct and via email, you and the custom jeweller can communicate to the point where you are happy with the right design and he can begin the work.

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The trilogy ring can be found when looking at antique and vintage jewellery. If your partner is old world, why not surprise her with an antique trilogy diamond engagement ring? If not, you can always make it more memorable by having a trilogy engagement ring custom made.

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